Starting Tomorrow - 10/26


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Hi everyone!  Just wanted to introduce myself & say hello.  I'm starting my Whole30 Journey tomorrow, & I couldn't be more excited about it, to be honest.  I've spent a bit of today food prepping, & yes, having my last "freedom meal" of fried chicken & mac n cheese, with a kale salad.


I don't eat horribly - a lot of fruits & veggies, as well as lean proteins... but I love my coffee creamer, & chocolate as well.  I am starting this journey somewhat "alone," as my husband will not be participating (but that's a whole 'nother story... :rolleyes: )- so I'm glad to see the support that these forums bring.  I know it will be a little rough at times, but I'm just SO ready for the final outcome.


Looking forward to the journey & hopefully getting to know some of you!

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Hi there DogMomBre,

I am in the same situation you are.  My husband did not want anything to do with this program and I'm doing it alone.  That requires cooking tow separate meals and that is a bit difficult.  I also have always eaten lots of veggies and fruits but do not eat beef or pork.  This is journey that I started to loose some weight and just feel better about myself.  Well, here I am on day 26 and it's been an awesome journey.  I feel great and have not had any cravings that I have not been able to cope with.  Once I thought I would really like a margarita :wub: but I just had a big glass of water and told myself I have to do this.  I have found that I don't want any snacks and have no desire to have anything sweet.  My husband has ice cream every day and I am at the point I don't even want any. Boy do I hope this holds out.  Since I have not been allowed to weight I don't have any idea if I have lost any weight or not. I have never had any real BP issues but it down to about 106/68  and staying there before it would bounce around to the high side of normal.  I feel great.  The only issue I have had is once in a while when I'm working outside in the yard I get a little light headed but it passes pretty fast.  Hope all goes well for your.  Hang in there.  We can do this!!

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Thank you so much for your kind words! You're in the final stretch - HUGE CONGRATS TO YOU!  :D  :D  :D  :D


I'm a HUGE "taster" when it comes to cooking, so I know that's a habit I'm going to have to kick to the curb (when fixing his foods, anyway).  For the MOST part, he will likely eat a lot of the meat options I make (well, some may have to be covered in cheese, knowing him) - but he's a pretty picky eater, as well, so we will see.  I'm lucky that I do love cooking, so hopefully that makes it all a bit easier.  


I haven't weighed myself, personally, in over 2 years - I typically go by how my body looks & feels in my clothes (& out of them, I suppose)... if this helps me lose a few pounds, I'm grateful, though!  


Thank you for letting me know about your progress - it makes me excited to see my own!  I'm so proud of your success - it's amazing how much food truly does effect your body

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