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Starting Autoimmune Whole30 on Monday, 10/27


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Good evening all!


Sorry in advance for the lengthy intro, but I think putting all of this in writing will help me remain focused and motivated for the next month, whether or not anyone else reads it! So here we go: 


I completed a standard Whole30 in July 2013. Prior to that, I'd figured out that my body responds poorly to wheat, corn, soy, and dairy, so I was already eating a 90% paleo diet (the other 10% consisted of too many indulgences of potato chips, dark chocolate, and Diet Coke). My main motivation for that Whole30 was to see if I could get rid of my dermatographic urticaria (which I've had since 1998) and rosacea. Sadly, neither of those conditions was helped. And I only lost 2 pounds, which was annoying. :)


Immediately after finishing the Whole30, I developed two additional forms of urticaria: chronic urticaria (welts/hives 24/7 for 15 months now) and delayed pressure urticaria. This last one, in particular, has had a pretty negative impact on my quality of life. 


I worked with a nutritionist May - July 2014 to see if we could get rid of these issues. Despite the very restricted, supervised diet, I saw no improvement. Then a few weeks ago I had food allergy and intolerance testing done through my allergist. According to the results, I have an intolerance to soy, dairy, fish, all nuts, all beans and green beans, and pretty much all herbs and spices (along with many environmental allergies). I'm not sure how accurate/trustworthy these tests are, but I had already begun to suspect nuts as being one of my triggers before I did the blood work, so I wasn't entirely surprised by the findings. 


So now I get to further restrict my diet. This is seeming like a pretty daunting task at this point. I think I'm going to follow the Autoimmune Protocol, but I'll tack on a few additional restrictions to eliminate all of the spices that came up positive in my intolerance blood work.


Thanks for reading, and wish me luck!


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Thanks for the encouragement, everyone!  


I'm posting a daily log in the Whole30 Log forum. I think that'll help me stay focused, though this morning I realized that all I need to do today is exactly what I did yesterday. I don't have to think about 29 more days, or anything overwhelming like that. Just today, one day. (And then, of course, another, and another!)

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