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Some Thoughts on Day 23


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One more week left of my Whole30. I'm feeling great, overall - better energy, my clothes are fitting better, sugar cravings are nearly gone (had some yesterday, which sounds pretty typical per the timeline). I want to renew my drive here a bit. I want to cook some new fun foods this weekend. I want to make sure I'm not snacking. I'm finding it hard to eat enough at each meal, so I'm trying to up my fat intake and investigate if I'm really hungry. I've had some headaches lately too, so again, I'm making sure I have enough water and fat in my diet. 


I'm looking forward to it being over, but really just for the wine. For my long-term eating habits and life, I'm hoping to keep grains and legumes out, and experiment with peanuts and dairy. I'll have alcohol during social events. I'd like to enjoy some "off plan" foods from time-to-time, but I want to really ask myself if it's worth it. That's the key. No mindless binging. 

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