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Help! To eat or not to eat?

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Hey all,

I am on day 22 of my second whole30 this year and am having an internal conflict about when to eat a meal and when to skip it. I rarely wake up hungry and I know that it is recommended to eat anyway to set your body straight, but here I am almost through the 30 with no adjustment in that area. Should I really be forcing myself to eat if I am not hungry? Is something terribly screwy with my body that this hasn't fallen into place? And how about the circumstance where I do make myself eat and then 20 minutes later I am starving? I am eating well balanced whole30 compliant breakfast so why would this happen?

Also, I read a lot in the forums of people, myself included, proudly skipping dinner because they aren't hungry. Or some not eating although they are hungry and happy that they've realized being hungry is no big deal. Why is it not a problem to skip meals 2 or 3?

I recently read this article, as well, and was wondering what you all think:


But then again this article really clicked for me:


This is definitely a little tantrum I've been having in my brain for the past week or so. I guess I am a bit frustrated about my body not conforming to healthy behaviors, and am the type to worry about not doing things perfectly.

Advice, please!!!

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