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I have finished my first whole 30 and feel fabulous, and did some travel but clearly its easier to follow from home. That said, on one flight i did bring poached salmon  put it with a freezer pack with homemade mayo spiced up with jalapenos and it was fab. I brought my own tea bags which is how i have survived not drinking on planes, i used to eat and drink my way across country. I brought nuts but put them in individual little baggies since you won't eat too many easily. The day before, while i was doing the salmon  I made a whole chicken and cut it up and put in my carry on as well (could easily have used a store rotiserie chicken) and then when i got in and i was feeling hungrey in the hotel i just grabbed some chicken to fill the gap.  Restocking depends on the city you are leaving from, one clear lesson, buy BEFORE the airport, there is nothing sold within an airport that is compliant and bring extra baggies to have for the return trip. Worked for me now the challenge is to stay on track, i am using paleo as a guideline and basically holding to the whole30 guidelines and so far so good 2 weeks in.


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