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Jenny's W30 Log


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I Tried the W30 a few months back but fell off the wagon and gave up.  I was rebellious in that I didn't want to adhere to the program... not wanting to give up foods, that allthough were W30 compliant, were too much like the foods that got me into trouble in the first place, so I faultered. I blamed the program for being too rigid. After some introspection, I decided to return to the W30, but this time with a different attitude.  I need to lose weight, get my cholesterol and BP down, and my diabetes under control, so I'm back with a vengence, but this time with the focus of following the program to the max.  No cheating.  No excuses.  I realize that I can't do this on my own, so I'm going to actively seek support from this forum. God willing, I'll make it through this time. 


On ward and upward!




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