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New, Starting November 11


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Hi everyone,

My name is Lacey and I am starting today! I have never done Paleo before. My sister in law wanted to do it and I had read through the website already and was curious about it. My main motivation is to break my sugar addiction (or at least lessen it!). It's out of control. I try to eat a healthful diet, but I frequently turn to sugar between meals, ugh. I am wondering if all the carbohydrate rich meals I am eating that are low fat are just making the cycle worse.


I tried a breakfast the other day that was Whole30 friendly...twice baked sweet potatoes with poached eggs and bacon. It was delicious and I felt so much better that morning and my blood sugar was so much more even than with my normal oatmeal plus peanut butter. If I could feel like that more often I'm sure it would be easier to avoid sugar.


I also have terrible eczema on my hands right now. I use really strong steroid cream on it which helps somewhat but its hard to keep it on when I have three children and am constantly cooking/cleaning/caring/folding etc. I've only had the eczema for a few years now. I also break out in hives if I don't take zyrtec daily and my allergist isn't sure why (and I wasn't willing to spend thousands of dollars on tests to only MAYBE find an answer). Anyway I feel pretty doubtful that this could make my allergies better, but I'm also pretty desperate to give it a try.


I have about 10 lbs to lose to be in a healthier weight range, and most of it is on my stomach post three kids so honestly I'm hoping to lose some of that. But even if I don't, I'm hoping to experience some good psychological and physical benefits anyway.


ANYWAY...I did all my meal planning and shopping (was slightly overwhelmed at the cost of meat, but happy to see how many more vegetables I bought). I am ready to go and am hopeful!

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