First Whole 30 Day 30!


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So I had a few reasons for doing this. I was the largest vegetarian I knew - I was going to have a small surgery and wanted to be as healthy as possible - and my blood pressure was high and my doctor wanted me to take meds (I filled the RX and never took one - I did Whole30 instead).

I didn't do the vegetarian version because I do eat fish so I got my protein through fish and eggs.

Holy moly! Over the course of the 30 days I realized just how much I wanted sugary treats. I dreamed about them. Today I could pass on a cupcake and not think twice. I'm not craving it like I use to.

I learned I don't NEED my sugary, creamy coffee. It may, in some version, come back as a very occasional treat - maybe - but no more daily sugar infusion. I switched to tea and couldn't be happier.

I learned I don't NEED toast with my eggs. I probably will replace all those eggs with a plain greek yogurt after the reintroduction  because I'm just not a huge fan of eggs- but we'll see.

I learned even healthy people will razz you when you eliminate so many food groups. I also learned that I don't care.

I learned that even those who love you will blatantly doubt you. I learned that this fuels my resolve.

I learned that most of the unhealthy things I ate before are not special and won't be coming back.

I learned processed food is not food and won't be coming back. I can't believe how many times I did a plan that rhymes with Hate Botchers and would eat pudding and crap instead of whole food because with 'points' that was fine. Ugh.

I learned I can be healthy and contentedly lose weight without weighing, measuring and counting.

I learned I don't needs blood pressure meds - mine is now 110/70! 

And I learned staying off the scale for a month is such a relief - and finding out you lost 14lbs in 30 days is FANTASTIC!!!

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Congratulations!  I could relate to several of the things that you learned, especially about letting it go when other people doubt or challenge you about something that is working for YOU.   I'm happy to hear your physical health is better (BP) and you don't need medication. That sounds transformative!

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Thanks for sharing.  I'm on Day 26 of my second W30 and have learned a lot too.  I've learned what incredible will power I do actually have.  I've learned that I need boundries.  Being told what I can and cannot eat for a period of 30 days to me is easier than the Hate Botcher philosophy of eat whatever you want, just count the points.  I've learned that I do have self control by not weighing myself for the 30 days.  I've learned that a lot of other people don't care about their health as much I care about mine (re: most people tell me they could never give up _______ for 30 days - almost always alcohol).  I've learned that while I'm still not a "morning" person that I can be pleasant and in a good mood in the mornings.  I've learned that I can motivate others with my success - I have one friend on the program right now and two others interested in it.


I really appreciate hearing other peoples successes and challenges during and after Whole30.  Thanks again for sharing.

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So happy to hear about how you successfully reversed your hypertension without medications! Congratulations, this is why I initially sought out this program. Currently on day 3 and feeling strong. I have actually been pleasantly surprised about the positive reactions when I told friends and family about the program. A couple even seemed interested themselves!

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