Starting 11/16 to help with autoimmune issues.


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Hi! I'm a 30 year old female from Florida. I have been struggling the last 2 years with a rare undiagnosed autoimmune condition. It acts alot like lupus and I also get a weird vasculitis associated with it called HSP. I've been put on Imuran and Plaquenil and the meds do not seem to be helping. I'm also on glucophage for my PCOS. Basically, I just feel bad all the time. I'm tired and achy. I work night shift at the hospital, so I also have horrible sleep patterns. My autoimmune meds are no longer working. My thyroid is now out of whack and they want to start me on meds for that and also change my pills to Enbrel injection. I'm not okay with the doctors just adding and changing meds. I feel like nothing has changed and I also have gained 30ish lbs since being put on these meds. I am taking matters into my own hands.

I started seeing a chiropractor for the constant back pain, and he recommended a clean eating diet -low carbs-all natural. I researched and found that Whole30 seemed to be my best option. I am starting on November 16 because we have a big party to attend on the 15th. I'm aware this will be difficult because it laps over Thanksgiving. However, I'm so tired of being sick and tired that I dont even care.

My husband is supportive and I'm lucky my child isn't very picky. I'm greatful to have found this plan and am hopeful to see some changes. Every time i've ever done anything its been solely to 'lose weight' and it never works. this time it is to make life changes and feel better.



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I feel your pain and ditto here with immune issues. I have thyroid removed due to cancer, among other surgeries for a tumor and organs stop working, allergies, etc.  Look for the AIP I think it stands for autoimmune protocol, it is a little more strict but will help you figure out which foods agree with your system and which no.  I am still struggling with some issues, but since I quit gluten, and soy, and I did my first Whole 30 last year, I saw an improvement almost immediate in the allergy pattern.


Here we are to support each others, you are not alone. Go for it, our health, our kids, and ourselves deserve, let's don't settle for less than being healthy.



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Congrats on your first Whole30 meal Lydia! Exciting.


I just started my first Whole30 yesterday (11/15). I have been struggling with major fatigue, a chronic low-grade headache, and frequent acute headaches for the past three years. I was diagnosed with lyme disease four years ago, so my issues are possibly related to that, but I've been to about 15 doctors of various types, and no one can figure out how to make me feel better, even by a small amount. I can't believe it's been three years - it's really challenging to stay positive when I feel like everything I've tried has failed. Thinking that eating more healthfully will reduce the load on my immune system, I've tried a bunch of "elimination diets" before, but I was never able to stick with them for longer than three weeks, and I don't know that the things I was eliminating were even the right things. So here I am, trying Whole30 -- it seems that so many people have had such positive experiences, and I so want to be one of those people! I do think that for me, I'll have to eat paleo for many months to really feel a big difference, but I like that Whole30 is meant to set you up for good habits for life, rather than be a "diet".


I'd love to support others and get some support along the way too. Yeah, doing this over Thanksgiving and through the holiday party season is going to be challenging!

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