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expect second time to be harder


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i started my second whole30 yesterday.  my first was almost 2 years ago; it was eye opening and life changing.. for a short time, until i went back to my old ways :(  i am probably 15 lbs heavier than when i started the first time, and 30 from where i ended up after that first whole30. 


i am have been excited to start fresh and spent much of day 1 preparing wholesome foods for the week so i'll have lots of grab-and-go options.  already today temptation has surfaced when i was invited to an evening of pasta and cocktails at a friend's house next week.  In my first Whole30 I largely avoided most social activities because i didn't want to put myself in a situation i didn't think could handle.    that was great from a nutritional success perspective, but not from the standpoint of sustaining me emotionally or socially. i hate to miss out on quality time with my friends but i also don't want to spend the evening answering questions about why i'm not partaking over and over (cheese plate, bread appetizers, pasta, wine, cocktails, dessert). 



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