Starting Today, Aug 20, 2012!

Jacquelyn Schafer

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Hi my name is Jacquelyn and I am starting the whole30 today! My mom got me motivated just a few days ago, sending me articles about why we shouldn't be eating grains and dairy and how they are making us fat. It lit a fire under my butt and got me researching. I stumbled across this site and it has been such an awesome source of resources for me! Yesterday I went to the grocery store equipped with all my new knowledge and loaded up on meats, vegetables & fruits -as much seasonal and local that I could, seeds and nuts. I can't wait to see how I feel after a month! Starting to feed my 7 month old baby this way too. Kicking the baby cereals and just doing veggies, fruits, meats and healthy fats like avacado. I hope I can inspire my husband to eventually come on board. He is not too happy about kicking dairy and grains.

Good luck to myself! I know I can do this and I need to! I do not want to struggle with all the "diseases and illnesses of adulthood" that my grandparents have been dealing with. (osteoperosis, gall stones, kidney stones, fractures, obesity, type 2 diabetes, hip replacements, and other bowel and colon related issues) We deserve better!

Jacquelyn, 25, Mom and Wife :)

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Hi! Welcome!

Today is my day 2 on the plan and so far so good... I also have a little girl (she just turned 1 last week) and have started her on Paleo as well... I did get my hubby to do the plan with me (he was glueten free anyway) and he really enjoys it... perhaps if he does 30 days (it is ONLY 30 days afterall) he will realize it isn't that hard...

Good luck and know you are making the right choice for you and your hubby!

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