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Started 8/19... Day 2... so far so good!

Bridget L.

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Hi Bridget, again...

Day 2, 2/3 of the way done and so far so good... definitely having some sugar cravongs and withdrawl symptoms... headache and a little crabby... but overall not too bad... though i have mentally thought about cheating... I feel so weird, I keep thinking about all the stuff I cna't have and what I want with it...

I figure it is just a stage and it will pass but wow, this is going to be tough... :-)

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Oh, for the record my meals were/are as follows...


B- poached eggs, grass fed bacon (AHMAZING), asparagus and some strawberries

L-Ground turkey tacos with avacado and fresh salsa

D- Dill poached chicken with asparagus and avgolemano (super tasty! and statisfied my need for dairy without any dairy!


B- 2 hardboiled eggs, avacado and some blackberries

L- Paleo soup... Beef, veggies (carrots, onion, bell pepper, tomatos, cabbage, snap peas) YUMMM...

D- beef potroast with mushrooms "gravy" and cauliflower rice... Maybe we may also have an artichoke since it is cooked and ready to go just needs a quick zap..

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