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Day 30 Not the End...The Beginning!


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I feel amazing, in control of cravings that used to be present (mindlessly) and even though I haven't weighed myself, I see my reflection in the mirror, I see how my clothes fit and how I feel lighter and know I have shed more than a few pounds.  I also have  lost the inflammation in my shoulder!  It has been a bother for a while and I've been getting ART treatments on it.  Since day 7...no pain!


My wife and I both did this together and discovered how much we truly do love REAL FOOD!.  We haven't really missed anything (OK cheese a little bit) but on the whole, both of us have found out how much we don't miss or need most of the "convenient" foods that we were eating (mostly from bags and boxes).


We are considering this the beginning and not the end.  Our intention is to simply continue to make the amazingly good choices that we have been with some flexibility to enjoy a little dairy (in the way of cheese mostly).  I loved that they removed "CHEAT" from the dictionary and replaced it with Treat.  Having the occasional treat is simply what happens once in a while.  We are both amazed that our new reference point isn't about vilifying food choices but rather to make food matter!  When we take care with what we put in our body, good choices tend to make themselves!


While we don't plan much of a "celebration" we are going to reintroduce dairy (cheese for sure, maybe whole fat organic cream) and see how it sits!  Other than that, we don't have a lot of plans to introduce a bunch of stuff.  Possibly some more sugar sources like honey but nothing in excess.


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