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Day 31!


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Lurker here deciding to come out and celebrate my successful completion of my first Whole30!


I lost 12 lbs, my skin looks fabulous and my sleeping has normalized.  I used to be a champion napper and could go down for hours during the day, but since starting the Whole30, napping has lost its appeal.  


I still have a long way to go to reach my health goals - still very overweight and out of shape, but I'm pleased with my start.  I'm in no hurry to reintroduce many of the foods such as milk, yogurt, bread, rice, legumes, and pasta, so I'm going with that as long as I can.  


I do miss sugar, but I'm going to try to tread lightly when it comes to sugar.  I'm more aware of it and how it creeps in like an evil ninja into everyday food.  I'd like to have a healthier relationship with it - meaning, I'll be mindful of added sugar and I'll treat sweets as a rare, exotic treat instead of those items which come naturally and automatically after lunch and dinner. 


Tonight, I'm roasting a chicken with grass-fed butter.  I'll have roasted vegetables and mashed cauliflower with gravy as compliant as I can make it - except I'll be having wine.  Yes, indeed.  I'll be having wine! 


Cheers! :D

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