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Newbie starting 01/05/15


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I will be starting my Whole30 on 01/05/15, to give time to clean out my pantry and buy enough food ahead of time as well as prep some meals. I feel this is a better start for myself rather than the typical 01/01 resolution. My step mom and Dad have agreed to do a Whole30 with me as well!!  I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS which has lead to also being insulin resistant and my testosterone levels were high. The Whole30 is a new start to the rest of my life, as I will be continuing with a Paleo diet from now on. If I want to control my PCOS and lower the risk of pre-diabetes, diabates or other health issues, I must take this HUGE step and make life changes..


I generally quit or give up on all "diets", so I am hopeful this is different beings that it must continue. I look forward to support from this group and cannot wait to start!!


Here's to a New ME and New year!! Good Luck everyone else as well  :D


Andrea C

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