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My first whole30


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Well lrts get this rolling.


I stopped eating paleo about 4 weeks ago. Since then I have eaten A LOT of bread and had A LOT of stomach issues :/ Yep going into graphic details for my records.


Currently feeling:

Tired constantly

Explosive diarhea not long after eating

stomach pain



dry lips

hair dry and frizzy

always feeling dehydrated despite drinking water

dark circles under my eyes

wild mood swings

low concentration

low motivation




Current stats:

Age: 41

Height: 177cm

Weight: 73.9kg


Under bust: 80cm

waist: 76cm

stomach: 93cm


r.thigh: 57cm

l.thigh: 58.5cm


Biggest challenges:

~Avoiding scales. Ive been a daily weigher for so long. But I know its governed my mood and motivation and I need to break that cycle.

~ Children. My daughter is on board, my sons are not. They have their own fridge where they can keep the junk they want to keep eating while I wean them off it. I wont be cooking separate meals for them so they will either eat what I make or cook for themselves....or starve LOL

~staying away from poor food choices


Overcoming challenges:

~ put the scales in the laundry cupboard. Out of mind out of sight right?

~ Continue with two fridges and only providing paleo meals

~planning all meals in advance and prepping as much as I can.



actually low right now. Im not excited to start, Im more resigned to what I have to do to feel good.


Technically starting day 1 on 2 January. Will complete the whole30 on 31st January

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Day 1:


Awesome day!


Had a visit from the SEO :D


only two meals so far due to that interuption.


Left over roast veg and meat

left over roast pork and a salad of tomato, sugar snaps, cucumber, olive oil, red wine vinegar.


 No coffee! He got here too early although had a tea with him.


Feeling pretty damn good. Did have a nap this arvo. Oh my stomach has not been sore at all today. no cramping, no fullness. I technically did eat only paleo yesterday so hopefully that will be the end of that.

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Day 2 and all is good.


Feeling good,  not as tired today. Zero tummy complaints. Not sore, not grumbly, not heavy.



1 & 3. 2 eggs, tomato, capsicum, mushroom omelette and apricot. The omelette was too much for one meal so split it in two

meal 2, 2 eggs, salad of tomato, cucumber, snap peas, capsicum, olive oil, herbs and an apricot

Loving the fresh fruit.


Lost track of how much water.....lots and one coffee.


Fighting off the carb cravings right now.

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Day 5 and still going strong. Felt a little lethargic over the past few days but much better today. Still doing really well. Not feeling hungry at all which I know is something I need to keep an eye on. I can completely forget to eat. I am definitely hungry for breakfast though which is a break through for me :) Its just towards dinner time that I really just dont feel like eating. Heat wont be helping.


Living on combinations of eggs, bacon, sweet potato, pork and salad....lots of salad. oh and fruit although I am being VERY careful to limit how much I would chew through. Im also trying to be vigilant with the amount of fats. I know from the past not enough fat leads me down a bad path of hunger. Its one thing I always seem to forget to add to my meals. Im looking ahead towards going back to work and what meals I can prep for myself and my daughter. Im thinking a whole load of mason jar salads will be the go. Easy for her at school. I have more freedom in that I can heat things up if I want to. With her its more of an issue of keeping things cold. Mason jars I can do in a small cooler bag with an iceblock. That is a few weeks away yet though lol

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