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I'm ready...I'm ready!!!  I've done a successful whole30 last year and it was life changing.  I recently re-introduced sugary things into my diet (due to the Holiday)...and I felt AWFUL!!!

So last night was New Year's Eve and Carl made a fantastic steak dinner (Rib eyes on the grille, steamed sweet potatoes and steamed green beans)...it was delicious.  From there it all went down hill...we started watching a movie and Carl said "we have no snacks, no popcorn, no cashews...nothing... and tomorrow we CAN'T snack...tonight is our last night to snack!!!"

So I ran out to Giant and bought 2 bags of Indiana Popcorn Kettle Corn (we call this stuff CRACK), Turkey Hill Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (for Carl), 2 Pineapples and 2 dozen eggs (for my whole90).  I came home and Carl and I went on a 2 hour sugar binge.  We literally killed a bag of Kettle Corn in less than an hour, I fell into a sugar-coma (nap), and woke up and ate the Talente Caribbean Coconut gelato that I was saving specifically for this night. I couldn't even finish it...it was too much sugar.

This morning I woke up and I was ready to get my whole90 underway.  I scrambled 3 eggs and two egg whites, I made a Wegman's perfect portions rib eye steak, sauteed some Kale with the steak, and cut up a FRESH pineapple...I brewed some coffee and added a splash of coconut milk...meal one...EXCELLENT!!!

Later tonight I am going out with Kelli (my youngest daughter) to see Josh (her boyfriend) play in Bethlehem.  I am excited.  Happy New Year!!!

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