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Misty's 2nd Whole30 - Starting Jan. 1st


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Today started my second go round at the Whole30.  My first time ended right before Thanksgiving...  And, since then, it's been an eating free for all.


So, I'm starting over.


Today's meals were as follows:

Breakfast - Leftover pot roast with bell pepper strips and an egg.

Snack - Apple w/ Cashew Butter.

Lunch - Pork and sauerkraut with spicy mustard.

Dinner - Same as lunch.

Snack - Apple w/ Cashew Butter.


I'm not 100% where I need to be grocery-wise, so it wasn't a stellar day.  But, not a terrible start.  Plus, I have 29 more days to work out the kinks.

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drjeni - I wish the sauerkraut was homemade - that's something I've always wanted to make.  Maybe I'll get around to that sometime in the next 30 days :)


Day 2 done!  It's amazing how much difference a couple days of eating this way can make.  My constant foot pain is gone already.  And, my stomach feels great (i.e. no bloating/gassiness)...  TMI, I know (but it's the truth).


So, today's food was: 

Breakfast - Leftover pork and sauerkraut with spicy mustard.

Lunch - Qdoba taco salad (no shell) with the pulled pork, pico and guac.

Snack - Naked Juice: Orange Mango (not a huge juice person, but I needed something after Crossfit). 

Dinner - Onion, sweet potato and sausage saute w/ an egg on top (one of my favorites).


Not bad.  It was kind of weird eating pork and sauerkraut for breakfast, but I"m trying to change the way I look at meals.  Plus, I got up late and waiting for something else to be cooked seemed like it would throw off my day even more.

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Day 3 was awesome!  I made two things I've never made before: a homemade rotisserie chicken and homemade mayo.  The chicken was made in the new countertop oven my mom got me for Christmas.  The mayo was from the recipe in Well Fed (which is available to read through Kindle Unlimited, woo hoo!).


For the day, my food was: 

Breakfast - Onion, sweet potato and sausage saute w/ an egg on top

Snacks - 1. Apple w/ Cashew Butter  2. Larabar.

Dinner - Rotisserie chicken and stovetop roasted cauliflower.

Snack - Banana w/ Cashew Butter.


My husband is flying out for work tomorrow morning; so, I'm planning on doing a bunch of meal prep for the week...  Maybe make some sauces and cook a few meats and veggies.

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Day 4 in the books!  I got a bunch of meal prep done for the week, most of which came from Well Fed.  I got a couple of seasonings, sunshine sauce, spaghetti squash and ground turkey.  I'm feeling ready to face at least a couple days of the week.


Today's meals: 

Breakfast - Leftover rotisserie chicken w/ scrambled eggs & salsa and a pear.

Lunch - Leftover rotisserie chicken salad.

Dinner - Moroccan spaghetti squash and ground turkey (a 'hot plate' from Well Fed).

Snack - Apple w/ Cashew Butter.

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So, day 11 dawns and things are going great.  I haven't been keeping up with my log since going back to work...  But, I've been right on track food wise.


The Crossfit gym that my husband and I joined in December has a New Year challenge going on that includes food logging and workouts.  I've been logging all of my food in My Fitness Pal so that I can earn points based on being healthy or not...  It's crazy to see the numbers.  I didn't even think to log anything during my first Whole30.  I wasn't expecting fat to be such a high percentage of my calorie intake.  I brought this up to one of the coaches and he said not to worry about it.  So, here'e me trying not to worry that 40-45% of my daily calories are fat, lol.


The workouts have been ridiculous!  Yesterday morning was measurement day.  We were weighed and measured.  Then, did a conditioning workout, which will serve as a baseline comparison to our April numbers.  Finally, we did a Crossfit Total (back squat, press and deadlift).  This was the first time I've had weights on the bars for some of the lifts; so, I didn't really know what my "max" numbers should look like.  I'm hoping that everything will look a lot different three months from now.


Cooking has gotten way easier.  I've totally embraced the Well Fed Hot Plates method of getting meals on the table quickly.  Having pre-cooked meats and veggies in the fridge has ensured that I've been able to throw together breakfasts, lunches and dinners with amazing speed.  Now, I just need to see how the hubby likes the new way of eating (he was out of town for work last week).


Ok, now that I've managed to show some accountability here, I'm ready to make my favorite breakfast: sweet potato hash!  This morning, I think I'm going to switch it up and use ground turkey taco meat instead of sausage.  Fancy, I know, lol.

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Day 17?  How is it day 17 already?


January is flying by.  Work has been super busy and the hubby has been travelling for a few days week.  And, I made it to Crossfit three times this week


Food has been kind of rough this week.  I've eaten ground turkey at so many meals, I'm totally over it.  Today, I plan on baking some chicken breasts and pulling some shrimp up from the downstairs freezer.  I need more variety!


Workouts have been good...  But, on Friday mornings class, I was totally out of steam.  I don't know if my body is rebelling because its been so long since I've worked out this much or if I was just tired because the puppy woke me up almost every two hours the night before.


I'm feeling ready to attack this weekend with a super sense of productivity.  Dog walks and meal prep, here I come!

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Day 20 and a challenge presents itself: work lunch at Morton's Steakhouse.


Eating out has become an obstacle...  Eating out with work people is even worse.


I've looked over the menus and figured out what makes the most sense.  Now, I have to wait and see if the event limits us to certain options or if the full menu is available.  Either way, I'm going to do my best to stay compliant.  


But, worst case, I have developed a priority list of what I'm trying to avoid: Gluten tops the list because I'm pretty sure its the thing I have the most difficulty with.  Next is dairy because I was diagnosed lactose intolerant as a child.  Third is soy - I know one dressing option is soybean oil free, so that's a good start.  I feel like the others are pretty easy: legumes and grains I can easily avoid (I think).


So, this may be the hardest meal of the entire 30 days.  But, I'm taking a slightly less intense approach to this Whole30.  I've decided that this is the way I need to be eating in general - for the rest of my life.  There will always be events, meals out that lead to eating off plan.  I need to accept that.  And, if I can't get back on the wagon after a slip up, that's what I really need to focus on.

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