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Missy's 2nd Whole 30!


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Day 1 (weight 192.6 lbs) 


Ok, so I decided to do my second Whole 30 so I can detox my body from all the crap that I have been eating for the last few months. Also, because I need to get my blood pressure under control. My doctor said that to get off the meds I would need to lose a significant amount of weight. That's waaaaayyyy to big of a goal for me at this time so I'm going to start with my life change with just 30 days and hope that I can make it. I need all the support I can get! 


Breakfast - veggie omelet, chamomile tea and a cup of coffee (I know but it is tooo damn cold)


Lunch - Roasted pot roast with veggies


Dinner - hasn't happened yet  :wacko:

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Day 2

woke up with an intense craving for pancakes that's weird.

breakfast- veggie omelet again

snack-cashew cookie Lara bar and decaf americano.

lunch-green salad with balsamic vinegar and oil, grilled chicken, steamed veggies. Gosh, it was so good and I passed up birthday cake. That was hard since I could smell it even though it wasn't really near me. Also weird.

dinner- pot roast. I wasn't really hungry.i

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Day 3

breakfast-veggie omelet (stupid fridge is not working so trying to eat the greens and eggs quickly)

lunch - grilled drumstick and thigh with pico de Gallo and avocado salsa. Soooo goood

dinner - huge ass salad with oil and vinegar, sweet potato and small piece of pit roast (did I mention the fridge)

feeling meh today so I read quite a bit.

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OMG! Life without a cell phone means that I can't post! Well I have made it to:


Day 11


breakfast- Aidell Artichoke/Garlic Chicken sausage, onions, bell peppers, and power blend greens sauteed in sun dried tomato olive oil. Wow. This was damn tasty.


lunch- pot roast from the freezer, sauteed veggies from Whole Paycheck  Foods. I got really, really full. I couldn't even finish the pot roast. Oh well I will save some for tomorrow.


Dinner - not there yet !! 


Feeling good, not so tired just really really full. Going to try going for a long walk when I get home.

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