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FitMomma15 1st Whole30 Log


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  • 2 weeks later...

Day 6-This is amazing.  I have never done an eating plan that has felt so easy.  I am cooking amazing foods, I am never hungry, and when I do (rarely) get a craving for something or feel hungry between meals I have been able to quickly ask myself if I'm hungry enough for steamed fish and broccoli and that has turned it off.  I have my list of distractions if that ends up not working in the future and I feel set up for success!  Here's a little how my first 5 days went:


Day 1-Shopping!  Bought lots of good food and read lots of good recipes.  I had done my homework on my trip to Mexico the weekend before I started.  I read It Starts With Food and felt motivated, encouraged and READY.  


Day 2-I was ready for the carb flu.  I did not eat well before starting Whole30.  In fact, I had gained 15 pounds in the 3 months leading up to my starting.  But somehow, no headache.  I did feel tired, but I am not sure if that was coming back from vacation and back to reality tired or my eating plan tired.


Day 3-same as day 2


Day 4-This is the day the timeline says starts the "Kill All The Things" phase.  But I haven't felt that yet.  My 3 year old was up super early that day and I was upset about that, but no more so than I would have been preWhole30.  I did cry a few times that morning, which could be sleep depravation...or my version of "Kill All the Things" is "Cry over nothing".  


Day 5-I keep waiting for the bottom to drop out.  I feel amazing.  Cooking is exciting!  Granted, I am only cooking for myself.  Cooking for my (very picky) husband is hard, but our scheudles have been weird this week and we haven't eaten together much.  The one meal I did make for all of us went over well.  I love that we can still have potatoes because he is very much a meat and potatoes kind of guy.  


Last night I felt incredible after dinner.  I told my husband that I almost felt buzzed, like in an awesome way!  I am so excited to see what the rest of my whole30 has for me!  

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