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W30 Really...Restarted 1-16-15


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Will I ever complete a Whole30?  Good question.  I'm thinking yes.  But it's taking much longer this is my second re-start.  Because you licked the spoon the first time and didn't read all your labels.  Sigh, I know.  So what's a few more days?  I know, but I was up to 11 this time....  But nothing. You got this.  Ok, but I'm going to need some more recipes!  That's easy enough, you got this.


And so that's the conversation in my brain today.  I read a supplement label, B12.  Contains sorbitol and mannitol so back to the drawing board. Wasn't sure I was going to restart so gave myself a couple days to mull it over.  What part of NO don't you understand?  I get it.  None is none, not some, or a smidge won't matter.  Less enthusiastic but committed.  Am lethargic, just want to read, cook, and play on computer, 2 days now. I've got lots to do but no gumption.  Fake it to make it (thank you Mary Kay).  Ok, perhaps I'll get something done today after all.  If not, it's going to be a busy week.  So we'll see what happens. Back to the gym tomorrow, went Saturday and it felt good.  This should help.


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