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The Fresh Market


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I've found they have consistently good produce, seafood and meats and as with any market I spend limited time in the grocery aisles.  You can find an occasional compliant processed food.  Check out the Rick's Picks line in the pickles section, and their raw cashews are always fresh.  I'm hooked on their anniversary blend coffee.  You can also get Vital Farms eggs and pastured organic ghee in the fridge section.


You'll find a lot of the usual compliant brands, Rao's, Muir Glen, Pomi, Lindsay Naturals.  They'll disappoint on sugar free bacon and sausage, and their grass fed selection is limited.  Only whole chickens are organic.  They typically have several wild seafood options and I've never had a quality problem in that department.


The one negative I had with TFM was their bagged Earthbound Farms greens were shelved too long.  I brought home a bag with darkened and wilted content I had to toss out.  To their credit, the next day, the entire bagged area was emptied with a sign that said new supply arriving tomorrow.


Their storemade seafood salads look great, but each has sugar.  The olive bar is great, nice easy way to get freshly roasted garlic without the 45 minute oven time to make my own, and the peppadew peppers are always a great add to a salad.


They sell Bubbie's pickles and sauerkraut.


I found I could get better quality at lower prices at TFM compared to Publix for the kinds of things I buy, so TFM is my daily drive.

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