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Starting Whole30 Using Magazine: "Well Fed" Paleo Recipes… for one week


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I had a few minutes to pick up some food for lunch at Sprouts when I noticed the big red letters "Paleo" on the cover of a magazine as I entered the check out lane. The magazine was called WELL FED. I picked it up, started to skim through it and found it compelling enough to purchase along with a container of chicken salad to- go. The more I read, the more appealing it was to think that I could actually be welcomed and congratulated in the first sentence, while at the same time assured from the author that I'd be "...taking a giant step toward good health by picking up this magazine!" It sounded great,"Quick Meals," "Sauces and Seasonings," "Main Dishes," "Veggies & Salads," and "Desserts". Actually, I found myself still thumbing through the pages long after finishing my chicken salad to find out just exactly how I would be able to get started with this Diet that had to be spelled with a small 'd' because it wasn't really a diet! I had heard about the Paleo way of eating, but didn't know much about it. Somehow, it only took me seven days to slowly start to piece together the necessities I would need to shift into this Paleo headset without uprooting my lifestyle-of-course, that's another story in and of itself. So, I began to make the attempt to convert my thinking about prepping food prior to making a meal instead of running against the clock trying to get a food on the table. This experience led to making four veggie dishes, four protein dishes, and three sauces that turned out amazing!  I'll continue tomorrow with some of these recipes that had the most astonishing ingredients and seasonings in them. My plan is to stick to these recipes for thirty days. Thanks for reading. CG

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