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Vegetarian Mom and Twins Start Feb 1


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My two-year old identical twin boys have always had digestive issues.  We've already taken out all wheat and most dairy.  We have a few minor adjustments to be completely Whole 30.  Our transitions include zero cheese, zero homemade 100% juice popsicles, zero grains especially rice and occasional corn cereal, and zero homemade grain-free baked goods.  Definitely doable for them as we already have a good routine with our fruits, veggies, healthy fats, and eggs.


We ran through our first Whole 30 last year with success so this second time around, I'm doing the Vegetarian plan (in support of my vegetarian teen) as it was just too much meat for me last time.  I am also choosing to be dairy free since I know its an issue for me.  So the twins will have meat/eggs and I will have beans/lentils/eggs for protein.


I am also a big believer in being wheat-free that I started up a small blog called www.wheat-free-kitchen.com.  I plan to log our Whole 30 details there.


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