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Start date 20th Aug 2012


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Ok, so I'm a bit late beginning the log as this is day 8 for me!

I actually never thought I'd get this far. I'm doing the Whole30 mainly to improve my relationship with food and to appreciate my body more.

I work part time in an artisan bakery where I bake all sorts of breads and cakes. Being around all these yummy foods for 4 or 5 days a week has led me to eat more cakes etc purely out of habit but the past week has shown me that I am strong enough to break the habit. It has been difficult not to lick chocolate buttercream icing off the spatula! But the longer I am doing the whole30 the less it appeals to me.

Starting this new week I don't think I notice too much change in my body yet but I am not even thinking i'd rather have toast than scrambled eggs in the morning or craving my usual yoghurt or occasional pasta or rice dinner. Now I am just taking it easy and enjoying real food.

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