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Started Feb 18 for Lent


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I started the Whole30 last Wednesday or Lent and have been posting on and reading the forum with others who started for Lent. However, I decided that I want to log my meals as a way to stay more accountable to myself. Whole30 suggests not snacking and I've had trouble with that. I want to cut out snacking and also eating nuts and nut butter. I think I am using those as a substitute for sugar. A good discipline is to not snack and figure out what my body needs at meals to hold me until the next one. I have not had any cheats or slips, just overdoing it on compliant foods. So here is my log today and some thoughts, too:


M1:  Two eggs scrambled with red peppers, mushrooms, chopped brussel sprouts with a teaspoon of sunshine sauce, water, black coffee


I got shaky before lunch and quite hungry--probably not quite enough to eat but also the coffee.


M2:  Two fish cakes with some dreamy avocado dressing, salad with homemade vinaigrette and some slice strawberries


This held me rather well until about 4PM when I was getting hungry. I drank some kombucha diluted with fizzy water and that helped.


M3: Leftover duck with sunshine sauce, leftover veggies with a little cashew sauce, and salad with a few black olives. Water.


I drank more water today than I've been having previously and need to keep that up. I like my sauces--especially dreamy avocado and sunshine but was careful about quantity.


Back to work tomorrow after over a week off due to weather. Have my lunch packed. My problem time is usually about 2:30PM when school is over but I don't leave for a while. Because I eat lunch so early (10:50) during the weekday, it is hard making it to supper and that is where the snack dilemma comes in.


This evening I will probably drink some chamomile tea and drink more water. Sleep has been very good the last week but it always is when I eat clean.

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On the days when you need to have a snack, make it a "mini meal" - ie protein, fat and veg - all servings half of what you would have for a meal. Pack it and eat on the way home from work (or while you are at your desk after school lets out. It will help you not be starving by the time dinner comes (and you won't be flirting with a bite here and a bite there while cooking).

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That was very good advice. I am going to start packing a small meal like a piece of leftover meat, some olives, and sliced veggies to have for my emergency meal.


Here's how my day went:


M1:  2 fish cakes, sliced strawberries and a small banana, avocado dressing on the fish cakes, water, coffee


M2:  leftover pad thai, apple, water


M3: small piece of leftover duck, sliced red peppers dipped in avocado sauce, a teaspoon of homemade almond butter


A short time later I realized I was still pretty hungry and even though it was early, my husband wouldn't be home for supper. So I decided to just go ahead and eat my M4:  duck with sunshine sauce, good-size salad with vinaigrette, water


I took a 30-minute brisk walk outdoors. Made my favorite kale salad to enjoy over the next couple of days. Sipping some chamomile tea.

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This is Day 8. I won't have a chance to get online later this evening so thought I'd go ahead and log although I haven't actually eaten my last meal of the day but know what I'm having. I can update tomorrow if anything changes.


I was quite hungry after getting up this morning.


M1:  2 poached eggs, sautéed brussel sprouts and red pepper, 1/3 avocado

M2:  3 fish cakes over kale salad

M3: mini meal of duck, grape tomatoes and olives

M4:  venison minute steak, mushrooms, avocado and sundried tomatoes, with a dollop of mayo, kale salad


Think I am not drinking enough water. Have felt fuzzy brained and another person on the forum I post to felt the same. The moderator suggested increased hydration so I'm going to up my intake of water and see if that helps.


My sleep is so good, though. I usually wake up once in the night but go back to sleep quickly. I also get to sleep well and that has been an issue for me in the past.

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Today is Day 9. I've had some cravings today but here's my meal log:

M1: scrambled eggs w/red pepper, 1 slice wellness bacon, banana, coffee

M2: kale, tin of smoked trout, sliced strawberries with some almond butter, water

M3: pepper steak using leftover venison, peppers, onions over cauliflower rice, water

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