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Peri menopause?


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I have been doing the whole 30 about 60-70% since sept. I attempted no cheats twice but didn't make it past the first week. This time I am committed and I am in day 7. I turned 50 in May

My period has always been every 28 days.. This last year it shortened to 26 and this month I did not get my period at all, but I am bloated as if it will start any day. It's confusing because when I girst stared I lost weight.., now I am not seeing any progress. I sleep well, I do have occasional sweats at night, but not every night. Ins this perimenopause? I was regular before... Also does any one have experience with the whole 30 and menopause?

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Hi Anewme,


The soy, sugar, etc found in SAD foods can have profound effects on your hormones and now that you are eating clean Whole30, they are probably regulating. Many of us have noticed changes in our periods while this adjustment is happening. Some of us start early, some late. Scroll through the threads on this board and you'll find some helpful discussions.


Before I did my first Whole30, I had night sweats - and I believe it was from a couple of glasses of wine most nights. When I am eating Whole30 I don't have that issue.


Also, you are only on Day 7 - this is a 30 day program for a reason. Remember that one of the rules is no weighing yourself, so if you are stepping on that scale you need to get rid of it.


Hang in there! All the good things are coming your way.

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