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Reintro log


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This is mostly just so I can keep track during reintro.  Feedback is always welcome.


Day 1:



M1 (7:00 AM): 2 eggs over easy, kalua pig, mushrooms, spinach, and tomatoes.

8:30 AM: Flat white w/whole milk from Starbucks.  (this wasn't super delicious--I finished it and seemed to handle it okay, but I won't pay $5 for an unimpressive coffee drink again.)

M2 (12:30 PM): 4 gyro meatballs w/tzatziki sauce (made with full fat greek yogurt), spinach and tomatoes and roasted sweet/potatoes & carrots, pear. (The tzatziki was the deliciousness I was missing.  I am experiencing a little bit of being "uncomfortably full", though, which did not happen at all when I was 100% whole30 compliant.  And about 30 minutes after eating, my congestion is off the hook--coughing like a smoker over here.)

M3 (6:00 PM): Taco Tuesday--seasoned beef and chorizo, spinach, tomatoes, and roasted potatoes and carrots.

7:00 PM: one scoop of chocolate chip ice cream from Baskin Robbins.  It was divine.  100% fantastically delicious.  And about five minutes after finishing it, I started coughing again.   :((((((


Day 2--back to eating clean!


M1 (7:30 AM): 3 scrambled eggs, roasted garlic sausage, roasted sweet potatoes, spinach and mushrooms.

M2: Barbacoa, crispy sautéed spaghetti squash, roasted broccoli/carrots/sweet potatoes

PreWO: Roasted chicken salad w/homemade mayo

6:00 PM: 5 mile walk

PostWO: Chicken breast & 1/4 sweet potato

M3 (8:00 PM): Roasted broccoli/carrots/sweet potatoes, sautéed garlic kielbasa, pear.


Day 3:

M1 (7:45 AM): 3 scrambled eggs, kalua pig, spinach, sweet potato, & banana.

M2 (12:30 PM): Gyro meatballs, roasted carrots/broccoli/sweet potatoes, 2 cuties.

M3 (6:30 PM): MOST DELICIOUS STIR FRY.  Carrots, water chestnuts, broccoli, snow peas, yellow pepper, spaghetti squash, pork loin, and sunshine sauce.


Day 4--was going to reintro rice today, but decided I really didn't care to.

M1 (7:45 AM): Roasted chicken and veggies--broccoli, carrots, white and sweet potatoes, banana.


M3: Tex Mex Burger Bowl from Bagger Dave's (with no cheese) and a glass of hard cider.  It was divine, and I didnt' feel off today at all.


Day 5:

M1 (9:30 AM): 2 scrambled eggs, spinach, and sweet potato.

M2 (12:30 PM): Chicken verde (1 thigh) and roasted sweet/potatoes and carrots.

Post-WO (2:00 PM)--roasted chicken and 6 grape tomatoes (ran 2 miles).

M3 (6:00 PM): Lemon tarragon pork chop, bacon-roasted broccoli, and duck fat potatoes.


Day 6:

M1 (8:45 AM): 3 eggs, sauteed mushrooms, peppers, & spinach, strawberries.

M2 (1:00 PM): kalua pig, cuties, roasted veggies.

M3 (5:00 PM): Turkey-stuffed twice-baked sweet potatoes, roasted Brussels/carrots w/bacon, avocado.


Day 7:

M1 (7:30 AM): Kalua pig, fried banana mash, roasted Brussels/carrots w/bacon.

M2 (11:30 AM): Roasted chicken salad w/homemade mayo, roasted broccoli & sweet potatoes, 2 cuties.

Was caught *totally* unawares by my period arriving today and am STARVING.  I had a bag of sunflower seeds from the vending machine at 3:00 because I could not make it until dinner.  I will be bringing an additional meal tomorrow because HUNGRY.

M3 (6:00 PM): BBQ chicken, duck fat potatoes, roasted sweet potatoes & broccoli, and an avocado.


I had 3 Lemon Chalet Creams tonight because I wanted cookies.  They were delicious but it will be interesting to see how the gluten treats me.

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