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Day 1 again


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Arg, yep broke down at day 4 *shakes fist*

Trigger was the dog's back legs collapsing and taking him to the Vet, then feeling miserable and craving and stressed. Sometimes it feels like all the glucose is leaking out of my head and I'm hollow and empty.

And I have to admit I really enjoyed the peppermint icecream......am I allowed to say that?!

So back at Day 1 and I'm going to work on some methods to prepare for tempation and do this properly.

- actually write a goal list, not just read about writing the goal list

- Tonight paleo dinner with friend and try and make this regular

- Cooking more variety so it's not just dull steak and brocolli on repeat.

- Having 'prizes' for myself for every subsequent 4 days that I reach (not sure of good prizes but with think of some)

- think of some good 'distractions' when craving.

Though my friend who has quit from smoking and is now doing paleo, said smoking is 100 000 times worse. So that made me feel more humble.

Though he isn't a sugar tooth like me...

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Congrats on starting again.

Nice "prizes" could be kitchen gadgets (julienne peeler, omelette pan, good knives), some new containers or lunch totes for taking good food on the go. Love the Container Store! Some really good grass-fed ghee, vinegars, sauces etc. would also be good. I just ordered some Primal Pacs for occasional grab and go. I also bought some very expensive herbal tea at Whole Foods today. Hope its good!

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Hi Zoom - I feel your pain - I had to reset after day 4 too!!! Not sure how the spiral started - but ended with candy and a cinnamon roll or 2!

Now I physically feel awful - hopefully I'll be able to remember how bloated the tummy feels right this moment during the next go around and will keep me from breaking it!!!

Good luck to you on your Whole30!

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You can do this Zoom. I like Jhmomi's ideas, the little kitchen gadgets will give you more options with your meals. i ordered an Julienne Peeler last night to give zuchini noodles a try.

On of your prizes could be a cookbook, there are some very good books out now. I've found Nom Nom Paleo and theFoodee to be very helpful for finding recipes.

Good luck, kick the cravings ass.

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