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  1. jhmomi

    5 hour energy

    Cuz this forum is full of tough love!
  2. jhmomi

    Post Whole30 Logs

    Sorry I'm being so difficult...
  3. jhmomi

    Post Whole30 Logs

    We can see the logs, but... I forgot to mention we can't do any formatting in our logs now. Take a look at Derval's post today and you will see what I mean.
  4. jhmomi

    Post Whole30 Logs

    It works!!
  5. jhmomi

    Post Whole30 Logs

    Renee, I'm afraid something is still messed up. I can see my log in both areas. I only see my log in the Post Whole30 Log section. In the Offtrack section, when I click on Derval or Renee's log, I get an error and I am unable to see any posts. Hope that helps your techie folks figure out the issue! Susan P.S. This is the error message I see when I click on Derval or Renee's log... An Error Occurred Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information. [#103137] You do not have permission to view this topic. Useful Links Forgotten Password Recovery Register a new account Our help documentation Contact the community administrator
  6. jhmomi

    Post Whole30 Logs

    Thanks Renee! On behalf of all the others with Post Whole30 Logs, we appreciate all the efforts to help us settle in our new home!
  7. jhmomi

    Post Whole30 Logs

    When I go to the Post Whole30 Log section, the only log I can see is my own. Where are the others??? Hmmm. I tried to read Derval's in the Off Track section but received an error message. Also, my log appears in both the Off Track Section, and the Post Whole30 Log section. If I update one, will the other also update? I'm confused. Sorry. Good luck fixing the errors.
  8. jhmomi

    Post Whole30 Logs

    Thanks Renee and Robin. Hoping to see more "bike logs" from other members soon!
  9. jhmomi

    Whole30 Birthday "Cake"

    I missed your original post, but I did see a photo online once that had a meatloaf cake with Happy Birthday written with a Paleo ketchup or barbecue sauce. Gatork's pic looks awesome!
  10. jhmomi

    pre-workout foods?

    I always have one hard-boiled egg before I go to the gym. I eat about 6:30 and work out with my trainer at 7am. Always have plenty of energy, even on conditioning days. Not sure when you began your Whole30, but my energy level and stamina increased significantly after 4-6 weeks of Whole30 eating. If you don't have it now, just keep on going. It's worth it.
  11. jhmomi


    Frustrating isn't it? Hoping someone else chimes in with a good solution for both of us! Just remembered I have a friend whose wife (that I have never met but can contact on FB) actually blogs about the olive oil industry. Crazy but true. Sort of a hobby/business venture for her. Let me see if she can give me suggestions....
  12. jhmomi


    Robin - Sort of off-topic but do you have any recommendations on where to get a light tasting olive oil that is really 100% olive oil? The lightest tasting olive oil I tried a few months ago was one I picked up at a regular grocery store and I'm afraid it was probably a blend. I have seen many articles recently about how so many "olive oils" on the market are really blends of different oils and not pure olive oil. I haven't found a "light" olive oil I can trust yet. And I need a good one because my hubby is not a fan of mayo with a strong olive oil taste.