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  1. jhmomi

    Tessemae's, Ah-mazing!

    I like the Cracked Pepper dressing but the Zesty Ranch is also tasty. Only drawback is they have to be taken out of the fridge long before you need them (or put the bottle in warm water in the sink). They are very heavy on the oil and won't pour straight from the fridge. In fact I can't even shake the bottles from the fridge since the oil solidifies the whole darn thing. But that's a small price to pay for not having to make dressing from scratch every time you want a tablespoon or two. My Whole Foods carries several flavors of Tessemae's dressings.
  2. jhmomi


    To: Susan From: the other Susan Go to the first post in the thread and click "Edit", then click "Use Full Editor" and you can change the title if you want. Just add eat! to change it as Derval did in her post.
  3. jhmomi

    Sore mouth edges

    Cracked corners of the mouth is what it seems you are describing. It's called angular cheilitis. Could be a fungal infection, riboflavin (B12) deficiency or iron deficiency. I apologize for using wikipedia for the source. It was easier to read than medical websites and seemed to have enough information. http://en.wikipedia....gular_cheilitis
  4. jhmomi

    Trader Joe's and Costco options

    FYI to newbies. Regarding "peas" or "pea pods"...
  5. jhmomi

    Primal Pacs?

    The small one is half the portion of the large and exactly half the price. Since there is no cost savings with the larger size, I suggest buying the small ones and then you have the option of eating one or two depending on what you need for that meal. I've tried them and think they are pretty good. But not so good I eat them for a snack at home. I like my homemade jerky the best. I save the Primal Pacs for easy grab and go food when I don't have enough cooked food ready to pack.
  6. jhmomi

    My Nephew's diet

    My 2¢... I would keep my mouth shut. Especially since you don't have kids. Personally, as a parent, I find any unsolicited parenting advice from non-parents annoying and at times judgmental even when that is not the person's intent. Especially with my first child when I was still getting comfortable with being a Mom. By the time I had my third thankfully I cared a lot less what others thought of my parenting skills... Just lead by example and share how good you feel.
  7. jhmomi

    Whole 30 # 3 It's On!!

    LOL. KB - Do you have a nice nickname?
  8. jhmomi

    Whole 30 # 3 It's On!!

    Wow. I want to accomplish most of your goals but this would be so hard. No problem on laptop or TV, but Kindle and cell phone? How about if I only use my Kindle Fire to actually read a book, not play Angry Birds or play on FB. Could I have it then? I would have to buy a new alarm clock and white noise machine to give up the phone... Good luck with your Whole30. Glad to see you logging.
  9. jhmomi

    Whole 30 # 3 It's On!!

    KB0426 is great for supporting you. Totally off-topic here, but SLW - between you and me, when you wrote "Thanks KB" I almost choked... Private joke...
  10. jhmomi

    Can I just say [email protected]$#!

    Can you send me some seedlings from those trees? I'll pay for shipping.
  11. jhmomi

    Congrats on Baby9!

    Congratulations Dallas and Melissa. I saw your FB post and wanted to make sure all the forum folks knew your good news! The FB post said Baby9 is due in April.
  12. jhmomi

    Holiday Planning

    You are great to start planning your holiday strategy now. Any way you can share with family and friends that you no longer consume sugar (or sugar-free sweetened) foods? The more of them that that know now on November 1, the less chocolate you will get at Christmas. It seems if this is your new healthy lifestyle and you are happy with it, they probably would want to know. I think if you had a peanut allergy, for example, family and friends would want you to share that so they don't give you something you can't have.
  13. jhmomi

    Trick or Treat?

    Never heard of Switch Witch. Sounds like a great idea. Funny thing happened last night. I had toys to pass out to the trick-or-treaters and my youngest wanted one of them for himself. I told him he had to trade some of his candy for it. He took a handful of candy and exchanged it for one glow-in-the-dark bat. We have a lot left too. Some will go for their birthday party goody bags and I will make some disappear a few pieces at a time each night after they go to bed. If they question it I will tell them I think "maybe Jack (our Christmas elf) knew we had too much candy just for us and he took some back to the North Pole to save for Santa to use in everyone's Christmas Stockings." We always combine their candy into one big bowl they share so the kids will probably never know if I throw some of it away...
  14. jhmomi

    All or nothing?

    No Kid Whole30 here Robin. We have no health concerns in our family, so I just keep introducing my kids to more new foods and flavors that are mostly Paleo, but I have no plans to do a Whole30 for them. They eat many more Paleo meals each week now than they did a year ago. Definitely less grains, dairy and sugar consumption than before for my whole family. Personally, although I think it would be great to have Cave Kids, I think for right now I am more interested in the shift to more and more whole foods instead of processed foods and eliminating foods with bad additives than I am converting them to a complete Paleo diet. Same goes for me. Our diets a year ago were "healthy" versions of the SAD so thankfully we are eating much healthier foods now... I do admire the Paleo families that already make it work! Maybe some day we will be one of them...
  15. jhmomi

    Trick or Treat?

    I give out both candy and either glow bracelets or toys. This year I have glow in the dark bouncy balls that look like eyeballs and some spiders. I did tell my kids that as the three of them go to the houses on Halloween, they don't each have to line up for candy to have fun, I suggested they take turns getting candy after the first several houses. And we will use some of their candy for birthday goody bags since both of my boys have November birthdays. I think our elf might make some disappear in the middle of night to use for Christmas stockings too... As tempted as I am to be more healthy with Halloween, it's once a year and my friend's kids summed it up pretty well when she told them she wanted to pass out "healthier stuff" this year. Her son's reply "No! Please don't make us THAT house..." I honestly think the kid made a good point. My kids want candy and have fun collecting that big bag even if they don't end up getting to eat it all. It's honestly up to the parents to decide what to do with it all that candy after they get home...