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My 30th day blog


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I wrote an update on my blog about my Whole30 (today's my last day!). It was a really interesting and wonderful experience! Full disclosure: I am an ordained minister and so on my blog I'm reflecting about God and the Whole30, so click accordingly.


Here were the major changes for me:

My taste buds are different! I can taste the natural sweetness in everything. SO much better.

I did weigh this morning because I knew I was going to blog today, and I've lost 7-8 lbs! Very happy with that as I didn't have tons to lose. I'm also down a dress size and am zipping up pants from 2006. :)

I feel pretty great. I have thyroid and adrenal issues too and am anemic, and everything is much improved (I had labs done a week ago) even from when I was only on meds to when I changed my diet.

This is huge: I CAN RUN AGAIN. I am a runner and was just not able to run last year due to all the health issues. I pushed through it some but it just wasn't enjoyable, and now I'm having blissful runs again. This makes me want to cry with the happy!

My skin looks great! I am 37 and someone thought I was in my early 20s. woohoo!

Thanks to this supportive community. I was mostly a lurker but learned so much. :)

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I read your blog post and appreciated your reflections on God and the Garden of Eden. I knew that God had brought me to this way of eating, but I never thought about what he originally created to eat. Great insight!

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