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Fiona's Whole30+2


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Unofficial Day 1: I am "officially" kicking off my first Whole30 on Wednesday, April 1 (how thoughtful of April to have exactly 30 days!) but it seemed silly to have spent all weekend shopping and cooking and then ignore all that good food for the sake of two days.


Meal 1: 2 scrambled eggs with half a red bell pepper and a half-palm of salami, coffee


Notes: I'm calling this meal a "soft start" because I assume the salami was noncompliant and there may have been Splenda in my coffee... :unsure: I tried to drink it black but nah. I'll give up coffee before I'll drink it black. And actually, the coffee doesn't seem that appealing anyway and I've only had a few sips.


Meal 2: (planned and packed) roasted chicken breast over mixed greens and cherry tomatoes, Moroccan dipping sauce for dressing, pear, water


Notes: Moroccan dipping sauce is magic in a jar (or Tupperware, in this case). Lunch at noon held me right up until 5:00.


Meal 3: chocolate chili, salad? baked potato


Notes: had the brilliant idea to ladle my heaping helping of chili directly on top of my halved and slightly smooshed potato. It was perfection.




  • It's 11:30 now and I have had food on the brain all morning - not hunger, not even munchies, really, just a hyperawareness. My stream of consciousness is all, "Am I hungry? No. How about now? Still no."
  • This is very weird because normally I don't eat breakfast and sometimes I'll go until 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon without even thinking about food before I suddenly realize I'm hungry enough to eat my chair.
  • I woke up RAVENOUSLY THIRSTY this morning. I'm drinking water like it's going out of style. -->72 oz at work alone!
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Unofficial Day 2: the carb hangover is real. Woke up with a low-grade headache, decided to kill it with Tylenol rather than coffee.


Meal 1: approx 1c Melissa Julwan's gingery zucchini soup, 3 chicken breast strips, a strawberry (palate cleanser)


Notes: I was totally not feeling the breakfast vibe today. The soup is really really good, but a little too much oomph for 7:00 in the morning, maybe. Only took one strawberry out of the container and immediately put the rest back because I can totally eat the entire thing in one sitting if I'm not careful.


Meal 2: (planned/packed) chocolate chili, sugar snap peas


Meal 3: (planned) slow cooker pork and steamed veg - maybe broccoli.



  • Hoo boy - not quite 11 a.m. and I am h u n g r y. I knew my half-assed breakfast wasn't going to hold me over. I know snacking is frowned upon, but at least until I get my breakfast mojo going I may have to think of things that I can split - part at home and part after I get to work.
  • Dinner was pork, not-so-compliant BBQ sauce (so glad there's a compliant recipe in the ISWF book!) and a MOUNTAIN of broccoli and zucchini. My husband was impressed that I ate it all.
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TODAY'S THE DAY! And already a wrench has been thrown in the works, LOL.


Meal 1: 3 eggs with broccoli


Meal 2 (plan): protein+veg+sauce at home

Meal 2 (actual): Chipotle salad, carnitas, mild salsa


Notes: I was intending to run home at lunchtime so I didn't pack anything, but then my schedule changed. I know my locale has a number of W30-friendly restaurants, but I don't have the time to study a menu and ask a million questions, so the official W30 safe Chipotle meal it is.


Meal 3: ??? I am loving the flexibility of the "hot plate" approach to meal planning. I prepped loads of stuff this weekend so that I can just pull out whatever looks good when I get home.

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