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Finally saying "Hi" on day 7

Julie Henderson

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Hi there Whole 30 peeps. I'm just getting around to this mostly because I've been sick for my whole first week. Started w/ a head cold on day 2 (detox?) and now for the past 2-3 days I've had a fever and general 'fluishness'. I really think most of this is detox related and have been fortunate enough to be able to take it easy. Symptoms are similar to what I experienced when I first went off gluten a year ago.

The food part has been relatively easy. I was already gluten and dairy free and had "reduced" other grains and sugars. The first few days were great as I got excited about food prep and cooking, which I've historically hated. But these past few days it's all I can do to eat. Meat and eggs make my stomach churn. Grateful for chicken broth w/ kale and veggies - although today even the veggies make me a little queasy. The occasional sweet potato has been helpful too.

I'm committed to this path and not really concerned about any of this. Even though I'm the only one in my household doing it, there's no drama around it. It's been fun and funny to notice the weird cravings and compulsions (like the burning NEED to weigh myself and the belief that I simply MUST hit the big sale at the used book store). I trust it will all shift and change as my body adjusts, and I look forward to how I will feel once the changes manifest.

Today I'm devoting most of my day to processing all of this with some blogging and SoulCollage - once I catch up on just a little work that I haven't been able to get done. That just feels so solid and comforting...

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