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Lagerhausen: T-Minus 1 Month

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Hello Whole30 Universe,


This is not intended for a million people to read & respond to.  To include a diary posting section in the forum was really smart of the Whole30 team because this way, we can reference our own posts in addition to seeing everyone else's progress who has also decided to share their thoughts in this way. Also, it's super fast & easy.  Blogging to me always feels like it takes longer.




I am starting Whole 30 after my honeymoon in May.  I'm getting married April 25, 2015 (yikes, that's soon).  As a result of being inspired by some of my friend's lifestyles, I have decided to give this a try.  Over the last few months, I have had some digestive issues that I think are caused by my lack of discipline when it comes to fueling my body.  I mean... Helloooooo, McDonald's.


I posted here asking how to get my future husband as excited about embarking on this journey as I am... the responses were great.  The answer?  I don't. He has to be the one to decide his level of involvement.  I can't choose what snack he selects at his office around 2pm when his stomach is growling.  He does.


Anyway, wish me luck Whole30 Family.  I will post again when we return from our honeymoon in one month.



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