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I've been eating Paleo for a while after completing the Whole 30. I have found in the last several months, I have a week or so per month following my period where I can't stop eating. Unfortunately, I work in an office where it's always someone's birthday, retirement, etc. so there is a lot of non-Paleo friendly food around. It's only during these times that I stray from Paleo like crazy. I don't feel like I have any control, then I feel terribly guilty. For the rest of the month, I'm very happy to eat strict Paleo due to feeling so good and minimal cravings.

I'm sure all of this is associated with hormones, but I guess I just need some advice/encouragement?

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I'm going to give you some tough love here; I hope you won't mind and will take it in the spirit it is indended.

Who cares if it's someone's birthday at your job? Is the person your best friend? Did a 5 star baker make the cake? Keep the sweets for truly special occasions and only then if it's worth it! My personal rules now are:

1) I will eat sweets if it's a major holiday (Easter, Christmas, etc.) or special occasion (friend's birthday, bar mitvah, wedding) and only if the sweet is of very high quality and/or made by a relative who always makes the item (who may or may not be around much longer). For example, I went to a wedding and was planning on eating the wedding cake, probably my favorite food of all time. I took one bite and it was stale and gross, so I dumped it in the trash and concentrated on dancing.

2) If I am craving something specific, I will wait a week and see if I really want it. If I still do, I PLAN an outing to get this treat. I have an entrance and exit strategy and I use the buddy system. Example: "I can't get my mind of DQ. I'm going to wait until this weekend and take a friend, have a small butterscotch dipped cone and leave."

Have a strategy! It works. We're human; you have to plan for these things. If you eat this wat and have treats, like, six times a year, you will be a lot healthier than if you cave and have office snacks every two days. And, dude, I work at Trader Joe's where we have mandatory tastings that we have to attend. Presented to me every week are ales, cakes, pastries, pastas . . . you name it. Not to mention having to work at the demo counter all day aty least once a week. So eat some protein and veg and get back on that horse! You can do it!

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