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30 days and beyond


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This was about getting in control of my out of control sugar cravings..it's happened!

I managed to get through my "time of the month" and not go hog wild on sugar...the first time in 3 years!

I haven't had a headache in the past 30 days.

I thought yesterday that I would have some gluten free biscuits and then I thought a bit more and it was just a thought,it wasn't something I felt possessed by,I'm not sure when I felt like that.

Sugar has been a compulsion to me.I tried 30 days of primal before and could only ever get to 25 days.

I was having little treats along the way and that's why I was always failing,paleofying treats DOES NOT WORK!

I have learned this time that I can no longer have sugar in my life.I can handle a small amount of seasonal fruit but sugar in any other form won't work for me.

I am looking forward to another 30 days and beyond.

My health is actually in my hands now and its possible for me to have control over my health.

My next goal is to embrace more exercising.Sadly I sprained my ankle yesterday but I know I will heal faster without eating foods that inflame my body.I look forward to the next phase.

I have decided to stick with this program,why would I do anything else.

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