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My Whole30 - fat loss, energy, sleep, focus...


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I've noticed that when I am strict Paleo, so many things are better - I can stay focussed through a full day of work meetings (BORING though they are); sleep is fantastic; moods are better... and all the rest

I'm down quite a bit from my top weight, but I have a long way to go before I feel ready to run an jump with my family on mountains, etc. We are on a major life-repair project (maybe 3 years remaining - financial, physical, spiritual, etc.), and I'm looking for some pals to help with Whole30 - it really does start with food. I can workout great and do all the other stuff, but if my food isn't right, none of it is good.

September is perfect - 1st day on a Saturday, last (30th) day on a Sunday.

The BIG GOALS (over the next year by August 2013:

Get lean

Get money (I'm a dad and husband and want to finish off our terrible debt)

Get centered (or better put as getting "God-ward")


1) FITNESS - Eat clean - Whole30 + exercise

2) Pay half our remaining credit card

3) Start every day in silence

Alright - here goes.

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