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First Whole 30 -with ME/CFIDS


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I'm glad you're feeling better and that you've started reintroduction.


I've been trying to do this new mental framing thing for myself, which is that everything is information. Somehow it helps me to be less frustrated when things don't go well. Like now you have information that extremely high protein paleo eating is not for you, reinforcement that yoga nidra is extremely important and beneficial, and an understanding that anything that requires a ton of cooking is going to require a trade-off that's not worth it for you.


I'm not trying to be Pollyana-ish because I'm sure that it's very disappointing and frustrating. Believe me, I know how much work the Whole30 is, and that's without wrestling with the type of illness you're dealing with. (I had a somewhat similar experience last year when I tried to do a trendy elimination/anti-inflammation diet, and my main takeaway was that I really like gluten! LOL. It will be interesting to see if I have the same response to it during my Whole30 reintroduction).


I also agree with you that people who are already eating a pretty clean, healthy diet often don't see much change or improvement on this program. I've seen several posts in the forum where the person is saying, "I have a healthy BMI and I've been eating clean for 4 years, but why didn't I lose weight?" Gee, because you're already super healthy and fit?


What else are you planning to reintroduce?

Yes, it's certainly information ;) !

:D I was reading some interesting stuff on Marks Daily Apple this morning about our inbuilt instinctual appetite for protein - we do know when we do and do not need to eat more - or less, it's just a case of obeying your instincts, so that's also useful information, and in fact I've spent most of my life doing that, so I guess I'll just carry on, and yes I've also had it reinforced that I really can trust myself when it comes to food. I'm pretty tuned in in that respect.

So you really like gluten?? Actually I like it, just my gut doesn't, lol, so I'm not introducing that again!

But I will be reintroducing hard cheese, yoghurt (strained), honey, dark chocolate, maybe gluten free oats (that's your influence!!) lentils, maybe chickpeas, maybe another gluten free grain.

Things I already know disagree with me are things like gluten free breads, they are full of crap, and give me constipation every time; tapioca in any quantity at all, and really most processed foods because of the a) usually awful taste, and B) wheat etc in the ingredients.

I'm actually lactose intolerant and always have been, but hard cheese is low in lactose and I could generally eat it. Prior to the whole30 I had also found I could eat small quantities of strained yoghurt which was cause for celebration as I couldn't for years, so I hope that is still okay.

From past experience I know a lot of problems I experience are a result of a cumulative affect, so I'm following my own protocol for reintroduction - have one thing once for two or three days and see how I feel. So I had rice again last night, and so far so good.

I also know that for me a sudden change back - for example two or three servings of legumes in one day - is just a recipe for disaster and a false result, because any sudden change in eating will screw up my system - not necessarily because there is a problem with the food itself, but simply because my gut has adjusted to one way of eating, now I'm giving it something totally different. Also how would I know which food? Maybe lentils are okay but peas are not, etc.

The standard survival protocol for introducing new foods (my husband has never been even remotely interested in joining the forces, but what he doesn't know about this stuff....) is to try a little bit, wait, then a bit more, wait etc, so that's how I'm doing it.

Having already broken the rules, I may as well go out with a bang :D

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