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My First Post-Whole30 Log


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I did it! Today is day 31! Yipee!


I feel great! The first two weeks I was very tired, but ever since I've slept more soundly and had much more energy throughout the day. More importantly, I have almost NO food cravings at all! There were probably 3 times during the 30 days when I really wanted an alcoholic beverage (I drank very regularly prior to Whole30), but other than that I had no problem sticking with compliant food. My scale tells me I'm down 8 pounds, which is a good, healthy amount of weight to lose in 30 days. Yay me!


The most profound thing I've experienced is a healthier relationship with food. I have struggled with weight, food addicitions, food obsessions, etc. for as long as I can remember. Taking out the franken-foods and inflammatory foods has helped me have a more even emotional state about food, more pragmatic and sensible. I feel great and in control.


I want to continue in this lifestyle and I want to add in regular exercise to my daily routine. I'm starting this morning with a yoga class, my first! I plan to also add strength training and walking.


As far as reintroductions go I plan to reintroduce things in a "food testing" manner; stay compliant but add something for a day or two, go back to being compliant for a few days (until I feel this good again) then add something else. We have tickets to a craft beer festival so by default alcohol will be first. I'm not sure if I'll have anything today or not...and we've already planned to take Uber because we know my tolerance will be very low! I don't plan to overdo it tomorrow though, so I'm anxious to see how I feel on Sunday!


Keeping a log helped so much during Whole30 so I'm committed to continuing that practice. Here's Day 31:


D31M1: Breakfast casserole (3 eggs, kale/spinach/chard/onion/red bell pepper) topped with 1/2 avocado

D31M2: Compliant chicken salad (chicken, homemade mayo, olive salad, onion) in lettuce cups

D31M3: Turkey taco meat in lettuce cups, roasted brussells sprouts & cauliflower, 1/2 sweet potato

(Maybe a slightly dirty gin martini...we'll see how I feel)

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Well I survived wtihout having a whole drink. Hubby had a glass of bourbon and I had a sip once the ice melted a bit. Three sips total...and I realized I didn't really want an alcoholic beverage, I was just used to having one (or 3!). So, I thought myself through it. Funny, I quit smoking the same way (19 years ago!)


Today is the craft beer festival. I love trying different beers. Fortunately we are limited to 5- 3oz tastings and have to pay for more, and I'm really cheap, so I'll have to REALLY want to try others to drink a lot. So, it should be a fun afternoon (weather is perfect) with a moderate amount of alcohol. Marinating a pork loin for dinner (and leftovers...have to do a lot of food prep this weekend for a busy week ahead).


D2M1: 3 sunny side up eggs over roasted broccoli/red bell pepper/onion, 1/2 sweet potato

D2M2: steamed shrimp, 20 oz beer

D2M3: Pork loin, sweet potato and broccoli

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So I survived the craft beer festival! I probably only had about 25oz of beer total...if that. Fortunately or Unfortunately, there weren't many beers I wanted to drink, and I was more discriminating in what I would consume thanks to Whole30! There was only one I really liked, and it wasn't even that good. Phew! We ended up eating breakfast really late so we didn't have to worry about eating there. Not ideal but ok considering the circumstances.


Not surprising I was very tired last night (after being in the sun all day and drinking alcohol for the first time in 30 days!). Went to bed around 9:30 and was wide awake around 6:15...not as clear headed as usual though. I plan to be compliant for the next 3 days to see if there are any lingering effects. I haven't had gas for some time, but last night I had a little. Again, not surprising! What was surprising is that I didn't want any other alcohol once we got home. It was still early and hubby had some but I really didn't want any. Yay me!


D3M1: 3 sunny side up eggs cooked in coconut oil over broccoli/onion/red bell pepper sauteed in coconut oil, topped w/ 1/2 avocado

D3M2: pistachios...ugh

D3M3: steak, green beans, sweet potato, 1 glass red wine, 1/2 dark beer

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D7M1: pork, breakfast casserole, avocado

D7M2: salad with pork

D7M3: shared a smoked pork chop dinner with hubby, I got all the collards and only had 3 bites of the mac & cheese. Glass of red wine and 1 oz of bourbon.

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Well, I'm back. Had friends in town last weekend and ate/drank poorly. Boy did I feel terrible Tuesday! Dragging, low energy, feeling flabby and yucky. Got on the scale and it wasn't pretty. My weight fluctuates so much I didn't let it get me down, but it was a strong warning that continuing to eat poorly will put me right back where I was prior to my Whole30. Great motivation!


So, I haven't been logging this week but I have been eating well and having no alcohol. I really am not craving alcohol at all, except due to emotions. I had a major disappointment Wednesday and I was very tempted to have a drink when I got home. Fortunately I read something on my paleo pal that talked about the biggest reasons we fail. One was emotional setbacks. As I thought through it I realized I didn't really want a drink, especially because of how I would feel later, I was just used to having one to "check out" when that kind of thing happened in my life.


I got on the scale this morning and I'm much closer to where I was 2 weeks ago. Great positive reinforcement! I really love the food on this plan so it's not that hard to stay compliant, except when I'm unprepared. So, staying prepared is key!


D14M1: egg casserole topped with avocado

D14M2: Salad with chicken and olives

D14M3: Chicken, sweet potato, green beans

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Not sure what post-whole30 day I'm on...I have'nt been good about logging for a few days. I have been pretty good about eating right, and although I've had some alcohol, I haven't had a lot, usually just one or 1/2 of a drink total.



M1: breakfast casserole with 1/2 avocado

M2: mason jar salad with tuna/avocado/olive salad

M3: gyoza meatballs and stir-fried zoodles & red bell peppers topped with almonds

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