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My Day 31 Story


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I stared this journey after hearing the promo for the new book on the Today show in April.  Day 31 and down 9 pounds!  Since I did not measure I don’t know that information (my bad).


I was fit and thin all my life and then after having 2 children and finally quitting smoking – well it seems to have been a problem ever since.   I guess my first mistake was Jenny Craig, which had been successful, only to gain that weight back.   I ran with that yoyo for a number of years.  Then at some point I was convinced that WW was the answer.  Again, hook, line and sinker I fell for it.  I was successful on this one too until I had rotor cuff surgery.  That messed with my workout abilities.   I have been up and down on this path until NOW! 


After watching the show I spent as much time the rest of that day reading about Whole30 online.  I ordered ITWF and decided I had all the right stuff at home to start the next day.


This was not difficult for me but it was very eye opening.  I found myself feeling fabulous and not hungry all the time.  I could go from meal to meal without snacking.  At the end of dinner I was worried I would have that before bed craving and I did a few times – but because I was taking this serious I made the choice to just go to bed.  I walked away from the urge and felt so good for doing it.


Here I am 31 days later and so much healthier.  I have a doctor’s appointment in a month and plan to have her re-run my blood work (since in March my A1C and fasting blood sugar were not good and I am hoping W30 will have helped that)!



I am so happy I saw that Today show and that I had the strength to push through the 30 days.  I will eat ‘Whole’ from now on!  THANK YOU!


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Great job!  I am a former WWer too, am so glad I found Whole30 so I never have to go through that craziness again.  Much better to spend a fortune on coconut oil than on sandwich thins or "chocolatey" snack bars!

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