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Whole30 #2 – start 5/26


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It feels good to be back here!


I've done one other whole30, and that was almost two years ago. I remember it being hard but, in the end, feeling good. I've decided to do it again for three reasons:


(1) confidence. I'll soon begin my last year of college, and I want to work very hard at both my academics and my social life. I think it will help to be in good shape, physically and emotionally, and I think that taking control of my diet will help that.

(2) slay the sugar dragon! I'm so over the cravings.

(3) energy and stability. This is simple, and it's similar to (1). More energy = more capacity = more achievement.


The plan for the summer:

June: Whole30

July: no sugar or grains

August: no sugar, limited grains (no bread, quinoa and rice okay)


Other goals:

run 5 miles nonstop

run an 800 in under 3:30


SW: 150

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Day 1


B: 3 fried eggs, 2/3 large sweet potato

L: 2 palm-sized portions of beef, handful roasted veggies, 1/3 avocado, 5 strawberries, spoonful almond butter

D: chicken, salad w/ dressing, small piece avocado, roasted sweet potatoes and onions


Snacks: lots of fruit and almond butter. :( not a good day. I know I shouldn't snack, but I was super hungry all day. And if I have to snack, it shouldn't be on fruit! This is not going to be easy, but I have to remember why I'm doing it. I won't give up!


exercise: 5-mile walk, late at night, so no pre- or post-WO meals.

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Day 2.


B (10:30 am): 1 palm-sized portion of beef, 1/2 avocado, bowl of salad w/ dressing, handful baby carrots

L (2 pm): 3 fried eggs, 3/4 sweet potato, salad w/ dressing and 1/2 mango

D (8 pm): Whole Foods balsamic chicken, WF grilled vegetables, salad w/ dressing and small bit of avocado


exercise: 1.5 miles run/walk + 1.5 miles walk


no snacking! not even a single bite! I got pretty hungry in the late afternoon, but I waited until dinner to eat. I'm very happy about that. I think part of it, though, is just because I woke up so late (at 10). I think it'll be a lot harder when I have to wake up at 6 for work!

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Day 3.


B (8:30 am): beef, 1 cup grilled vegetables, 1 cup smoothie with kale, banana, and apple

L (2 pm): 3 eggs fried in coconut oil, 1 beef/pork hot dog, 1/2 sweet potato, 1 red pepper

D (6 pm): carrot soup, chicken stew, and small salad w/ dressing

PM snack (9 pm): a few more bites of chicken stew


Dinner was rushed, so I didn't have time to eat enough before I had to leave, hence the snack in the evening. Otherwise did a good job not snacking today. Feeling good today – I was focused, productive, and energetic today. I got some work done and cooked three recipes! I'm glad, because I know the first few days can be rough. I'm a little nervous about the weekend – like maybe I'll get the headaches and fatigue then instead of now – and particularly nervous about when I start working a 9-5 schedule next week.


exercise: 1.5 hr walk (after PM snack and before bed)

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Day 4.


Not off to a great start. Feeling very tired and motivated, and with very little appetite.


B (8:30): 1/2 serving chicken from last night, a few bites grilled veggies, 6 strawberries with a spoonful of almond butter

L (1:00): 3 eggs, 1/2 sweet potato, 1 cup mushrooms and kale, all sauteed

S (4:30): 1 apple, spoonful almond butter, 1/2 sweet potato (<-- was ravenous!)


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Day 5. 


B: beef, avocado, smoothie with apple, ginger, avocado, and spinach, coffee

L: 3 eggs, 1/2 cup roasted veggies, salad w/ dressing and strawberries

D: Moroccan meatballs, salad w/ dressing and strawberries


Day 6.

B (9:00): 1.5 Applegate hot dogs, 1/2 cup roasted veggies, smoothie (same as yesterday), coffee

L (12:30): leftovers of chicken stew

D (5:30): apple with almond butter; frittata with roasted vegetables

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Day 7.


B (6:00): 4 eggs, 1 sweet potato

L (11:30): leftover chicken stew (1 chicken thigh in sauce and veggies)

D (6:30): leftover meatballs, salad w/ dressing, small serving applesauce


The applesauce was a moment of weakness. It is whole30 compliant, but it was definitely in response to a sweets craving after dinner. Oops. 

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Day 8.


B (7:00): ?? (oops, I forget)

L (12:00): 1/2-serving chicken, frittata, salad, 1/2 avocado

D (6:30): ??


Day 9.


B (7:00): 1/2 serving frittata, 1 hot dog

L (12:00): buffalo london broil, 1/3 avocado, salad

S (6:00): 1 apple with almond butter <-- I wish I had just waited for dinner. Oh well.

D (8:00): chicken, salad w/ avocado and dressing, applesauce

exercise: 1.5 mile run


The last two days have been pretty bad, eating-wise. Hoping to improve, starting tomorrow.

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Day 10.


B: leftover sautéed chicken, salad w/ dressing

L: bibimbap (without rice. just chicken and veggies and an egg)

D: leftover Moroccan meatballs, salad w/ dressing and avocado


Day 11.


B (7:00): leftover sautéed chicken, salad with dressing + coffee

L (3:00): buffalo london broil

D (7:00): same chicken stew as previous week


Day 12.


B (9:00): 3 eggs, 1 sweet potato, fried + coffee

L (2:30): Ethiopian chicken stew, salad with dressing and avocado, a few strawberries

D: frittata



Feeling good. I've had some difficult sugar cravings the last two days. I barely got any last week, so I guess this is to make up for that. I think my body is going along the Whole30 timeline a little late. I had the "Kill ALL the Things" stage over a week into the process and the tight pants stage a few days late, too. I am definitely in the "hardest days" stage right now, and the timeline calls for another 4-5 days of cravings. Yikes! But I'm almost at the downhill slope, as they call it. By this time next week, it should be a bit easier.


It's also a bit tough to stay compliant at work. I just started an internship, and the other interns and young employees like to go out for drinks, lunch, dinner, etc. It's not that I get cravings or feel tempted, but it feels awkward to go out with them and not eat/drink anything. I managed to find something when we went out to lunch the other day, but I'm worried about the upcoming happy hours.


Here's the thing. I don't really care that I'm restricting my diet. It's hard, but as they say, it's not that hard. And I don't really mind telling dudes at work, "Nah, no thanks, I'm doing this diet thing." (Yeah, yeah, I know, the whole30 isn't a diet.) It's when I'm out to eat with a group of men and women, and none of us know each other, and everyone's awkward and trying to get first impressions of each other that it's awkward. And I hate saying I'm on a "diet" or whatever around other women, because I hate the societal pressure for women to be on diets (but also not tell people they're on a diet, you know? just not eat). And I'm fundamentally against traditional diets – women can accomplish so much more when they're probably nourishing their minds and bodies. And I don't want to be that person. Here I am, a college-aged young woman, out with a bunch of college-aged young people drinking and schmoozing, and I feel like such a buzzkill when I don't partake. And I feel like I make other women feel bad about themselves, which makes me feel crappy.


But probably, this is all in my head. The important thing is that I go out with these people, be social, make friends, and stay compliant while doing it.


And now, for a few reasons I'm doing this:

- to prove to myself I can --> more confidence

- I have this silly idea that in proving to myself that I can do this, and in gaining my confidence in my willpower and ability to accomplish things, I'll start to accomplish more. Like, I'll be more focused, more productive, more social, more motivated, etc. Like, I'm working out my discipline muscle or something. We'll see if that happens. 

- to be free of my crazy sugar cravings

- not gonna lie, wouldn't mind losing a few pounds. 

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Day 13.


B (8:00): leftover frittata

L (12:00): buffalo london broil, avocado

S (4:00): watermelon, peach, plum, chicken (oops)

D (7:00): salmon, salad, grilled vegetables


Day 14.


B (7:00): 3 eggs, 1 sweet potato

L (1:30): roasted chicken thigh from Whole Foods, leftover sweet potato

S (7:30): small kale salad with chicken, avocado, almonds, red pepper

D (10:30): moroccan chicken stew, salad w/ dressing, 1 peach


Hard to believe it's day 14!

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