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See lists of what to buy but not how much - single person


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Hi - I've been looking through the the forums and Google for a few hours now. I see tons of lists of what to buy and what people made their first week.

But I don't see how MUCH to buy for just a single person. Anything I find with amounts is either for a family with children or else for crossfit athletes.

I'm a 36yo woman who walks a mile a day but is getting back into weights and running. But I'm not there yet.

I just don't how MUCH to buy for a week. A palm size doesn't help... Like do I need 5 pounds of protein? 10?

I see people's meal logs but I get that the idea is you're supposed to buy a bunch of stuff and then just do the sort of hot plates idea like in Well Fed (I have 1 and 2 and cook from them a lot).

But her even her weekly haul list is for a man and a woman who are both very physically active. I can't just halve it.

I want to buy enough so I don't slip up and have to start over, but I don't want to waste money on food that goes bad.

If there is a thread I missed, please link. I may have not been using the right search terms.


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I'm a 34-year-old woman and live alone. I do power yoga a few times a week but no Crossfit-level activity. This is pretty typical for me for a week:

2lb ground turkey (for breakfast hash)

2 dozen eggs (poached on hash for breakfast, plus mayo and a few hard boiled)

1-2lb ground beef, for burgers or meatballs

1 whole chicken

One can of salmon for salmon cakes, or 1-2 cans tuna

3 bunches broccoli

2lb green beans

One big bag of kale

32oz baby carrots

One big kabocha squash

Plus oils, vinegars, nuts, garlic, etc, but all that stuff will keep a long time.

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Yeah - at first I was surprised at how much I was eating, but it works! This weekend I had people staying with me, and when they told me they just wanted one or two eggs for breakfast, on the inside I was all "you're going to be so HUNGRY!!" :) Good luck!

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