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Day 25-27 sudden issues waking up


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So sorry if this has been talked about (seems impossible that it hasn't) but I searched the forums and couldn't find exactly what I was experiencing.

Basically- the one thing above ALL things I have experienced on Whole 30 has been better sleep. I have been amazed at how quickly I fall asleep and how deeply I sleep until morning, at which point I have little problem waking up when my 1 year old wakes at 6am. I'm on Day 27 today and out of nowhere (nothing has changed in what I'm eating, the amount of activity in my day, or what time I'm going to bed) the last few days I am having to *rip* myself out of bed in the morning in a total fog. This morning it felt so severe, it reminded me of a hangover. It even took about an hour for a mild headache to stop.

The only two things I've seen here or wondered about is 1. My cycle (meaning female? But never ever had sleep issues related to that before) or 2. I saw someone post that a magnesium supplement can be helpful??

Just wondering why I would be having such issue with the one thing that has been so great and consistent, this late in the game.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

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Meant to add that I am on Nuvaring and am supposed to take it out (start my period) on Wednesday (Day 31! And I have been kicking myself for not thinking ahead of time on that one. Figuring it might affect any potential weight loss results I was hoping for, but oh well. Plan to continue eating this way anyway.) That's the only potential difference I can think of as far as what's going on in my body.

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Ladies, the few days before your period, eat extra carbs! Your body needs them then, so don't deny yourself them. And if you feel dead tired on the days leading up to it, go to bed earlier. We forget that our bodies are undergoing a big change in hormones throughout our cycles and we need to adjust our food intake and allow for energy levels as a result. 9 times out of 10 when I hear about a woman breezing through the whole 30 until all of a sudden... it's due to am impeding period.

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