Starting June 2 - anyone else?


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Hi everyone,


I will be starting my first Whole30 tomorrow, June 2nd and I'd love to build/join a group starting on the same day.


I was hoping to start today but messed up my planning and will be officially starting tomorrow. My first attempt was May 2nd and I made it 9 days but then I "fell off". I've been intending to restart since but I haven't had much success and I've been on an emotional roller coaster of trying, failing, beating myself up for failing. Time to get off that ride.


I am fairly nervous about this because on Thursday (Day 3) I'm flying out to Phoenix for a week-long conference. I've scoped out where the Whole Foods are and I plan on stocking up my first day so I'm prepared. I'm also going to a Bachelorette party on Day 19 so that's another challenge I have to look forward to as well. One day at a time, one day at a time.


My motivation:


1) I am getting married at the end of October and I have 30lbs to shed before then. I'm hoping the Whole30 will be a great way to kick start my weight loss and set me on a healthy track.


2) I want to improve my relationship with food. I am an emotional eater and I have a tendency to eat large quantities of food when I'm stressed or anxious.


3) I want to improve my athletic performance. I love to run and be active but I am prone to injury and I am hoping that eliminating inflammatory foods will help. 


4) I want to be able to say that I did it! 


Best of luck to everyone in their journey and I hope to share success stories!



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Good Afternoon. I am starting tomorrow as well. It's my 61st birthday and decided to do a challenge. I just retired and want to live this next chapter much healthier. Good luck tomorrow and keep in touch. Jill Ann

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Happy Birthday Jill!!!!!

What a great thing to do for yourself to celebrate a new year!


Kmg -congratulations on the upcoming wedding!

Check out the trouble shooting log on the board before you go on your trip. There are good tips to avoid trouble.

You can do it!!

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Hi all.

I started today too. It has felt a little hectic despite the planning and preparation. Juggling work, two toddlers, usual life and then the additional cooking has been a challenge but not so bad that I don't think I'll make it.

Good luck to my fellow June 2 starters. I look forward to following your progress and hopefully sharing some support.


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