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Feeding a large group


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Husband and I have completed 2 Whole30s and have had great results and a very supportive family. We try and stick pretty close to the Whole 30 way of eating but have some give and take.


For July 4th weekend we will be hosting a family reunion at our house and will need to feed a group of 12 adults and 8 kids (including our little fam) for breakfast, lunch and dinner for several days. We will also need to feed a larger group for one dinner.


Any recommendations on how to stock the fridge and good time and budget friendly recipes to feed this large group? We will of course have off plan stuff to feed the masses but my husband and I really enjoy eating this way and would like to showcase it.


Thanks for your help and feedback


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Well start out with big batch of compliant condiments mayo ketchup etc hot sauce

Potato salad with green beans without mayo

Use garlic red onion oregano olive oil vinegar

With mayo potato salad add hard boiled eggs celery onion spices etc

Marinate steak tips in a rub with sesame oil

Five spice garlic powder ginger s p

Make up burgers with ground pork and beef doctor them up with spices onion powder etc

Buffalo chicken thighs are great marinated

Chicken breasts Italian seasoning oil vinegar with garlic etc

Cabbage broccoli slaw with compliant ingredients

Pork Kaluah pig feeds a lot

Make a BBQ sauce compliant

Bake russets no work there

Have lots of fun!!!

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For breakfasts--lots of egg bakes and/or frittatas, roast potatoes (easier than hasbrowns for a crowd), and berries/fresh fruit. That should appease the majority of folks and should be low prep for you.


For lunches, I would lean on leftover dinner protein. You can offer bread for the folks who are used to having it, but this would also be a great time to make some big, beautiful mixed green salads for you and your husband. You'll like have others who see this and follow suit and forget the bread altogether. Vinagerette and other compliant dressings are easy to mix up en masse.


For meats, I'd focus on grilling or roasting since you can do a high volume of meat with little prep and roasting in the oven means that your hands are free to do something else.

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Lost my other post in space


You could freeze all of these prepare ahead of time

Make extra large pancake batter pour over a greased pan -bunch of errors or bananas with cinnamon etc

Extra amount of French toast baked

Grease extra large pan (aluminum) place

Bread slices on an angle to fit a lot

Mix up eggs milk cinnamon spice vanilla

Pour over top and bake

Serve wit sole syrup butter etc

Sausages either buy compliant ( expensive)

Or mix up ground pork poultry seasoning oil

S p etc for a country taste

Or Italian seasoning red pepper flakes fennel garlic powder s p etc for Italian flavor

Bacon a few pounds will bake up on a broiler pan with a rack

Make a vegetable frittata

You'll have a blast best food in town!

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