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  1. Leftover pork ribs with homemade barbecue sauce, a hardboiled egg, and roasted kabocha squash. This was my "wow, I kinda failed to prep for the week" breakfast and involved foraging for whatever leftovers I could find.
  2. Wow, Shannon! You got so much color on your bok choy that I thought they were roasted potatoes at first!
  3. I'm curious about how you steam the potatoes prior to finishing them in the skillet. Are they partially or fully cooked? How long in the steamer?
  4. Cauliflower and curry are best friends. I've eaten pretty much the same breakfast every day this week: shredded cabbage, sweet potato, protein, maybe another veggie. Today it was leftover shredded pork, diced sweet potato instead of shredded, and leftover roast green beans along with my cabbage. Seasoned with 21-spice, a bit hit of salt, and some avocado oil. There was leftover lamb shoulder in the fridge, but I've decided that I can't handle lamb first thing in the morning.
  5. Didn't think to snap a picture, but this morning's breakfast was a big, overflowing handful of shredded cabbage, a bit of shredded sweet potato, leftover rotisserie chicken, and some avocado oil. Jazzed it up with some 21-seasoning and downed a glass of strawberry and mint infused water.
  6. If you are taking/using your BC as directed, then you should be fine. Spotting does not mean that something is wrong or that your birth control is no longer effective. Spotting is actually considered a side effect of hormonal birth control and can happen to any person at any time. Inconvenient? Yes. Cause for alarm? Not really.
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