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Hi all,

first time for a Whole30. I'm excited and a wee bit nervous but that just adds to the thrill.

Here is what I'm going to resolve in this month of rebalancing-

Sore, tight muscles that cramp.

A chronically stuffy nose which affects my breathing.

Restless sleep.

Mood swings after sugar.

Bloated tummy who has some issues.

Cravings for the beast. The beast must die.

Alongside my clean eating I promise myself to do yoga daily, even if it is a small amount, I will visit my mat daily. I promise to retain a sense of humor when I want to have a tantrum. I promise to check in with myself reguarly through meditation to see what is coming up for healing during this journey.

Thanks all for being here and best of luck on your Whole30. :wub:

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