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Smackdown for Day 10


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I was reading my Whole30 book where it said that Days 10-11 are the days where people are most likely to quit.  I am not there yet nor do I hope to be.  However, if we were to look at my track record in regard to the numerous different plans that I have tried, boredom became an issue and I quit.


This journey has too many positive payoff's for me thus far.  I feel better.  Yes I still go from seeing the world with such clarity then go to brain fog or fatigue briefly. 


I feel more optimistic, more positive. 


I really enjoy the Whole30 recipes I have been making.  As a matter of fact, I made a double batch of the Classic Chili so my daughter could take some home.  This new kind of cooking/eating is an adventure to me!! 


My Mom and Dad want to take me for lunch.  We are going to one of my Dad's favorite places.  I looked at the menu and saw a spinach salad that I can have.  I will take my own dressing (Raspberry Vinaigrette...num num).  Planning ahead is huge!!!


Hoping everyone is doing well in their healthy journeys.  The challenges are learning pearls too.




Michelle B)

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