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Learning to Eat Well


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Weight Watchers ruined eating for me. (More about this some other time)


Whole30 held my hand while I figured out which foods do what to me.


It's up to me to carry on, be good to me and my body, and to continue learning about MY foods.


This is not a daily log, but more of a general record. It's as much a place to vent a little (OK, maybe vent a lot) as it is to keep tabs on what's going on with food and me.


I know this forum is not moderated. I welcome comments, praise, criticism, suggestions, etc. ....That doesn't mean I'll listen or follow; I may ignore them all....or not.


I'm currently "between" Whole 30s. I don't know when I'll do another one. I would probably benefit from one right now, but.... Yeah but. There's always a big "but."   ...And that's another thing I'm working on--my big butt.


I did learn something from my two successful W30s. I learned that I must avoid sugar and flour; I must limit dairy; rice, oats, and corn are OK; legumes I can take or leave. It pissed me off a little that none of the eliminated foods during W30 gave me enough grief at re-intro to swear off permanently. (What a stupid thing to say.)


I do follow the W30 meal template at home for most meals.

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It was a busy day and instead of doing my kettlebell workout, I worked in the yard. Lots of squats, hinge movements, loaded carries and pushing. I got most of the basic movements in. Many times.


A friend asked me, "Now that you've finished your Whole 30, what do you call how you eat?"


We are trying to follow a healthy eating plan. Some people may call it Paleo. I like to say we eat "food without labels." That would be food that is close to its natural state. Fresh vegetables and fruit: fats from avocado, olives, coconut; and proteins that have not been processed too much.


Sometimes it's a bit of work, but the payoff is enormous.


FAQs from friends and family who are in the SAD (Standard American Diet) rut:


    Paleo--isn't that the caveman diet? How can you eat so much meat?

    How do you eat a sandwich if you can't have bread?

    Aren't eggs bad for you? What do you eat for breakfast?

    What about pasta? Why are Italians so healthy if pasta is bad?

It goes on.



After doing the W30 twice successfully, I have discovered what I can and cannot include in my regular meal plan. I discovered that none of the eliminated foods caused any serious problems when reintroduced, but I was able to identify the moderately-bad actors.


Sugar is out. Same with wheat. No pastries, bread, cake, etc. The small amount of sugar in bacon or ham is OK. Sugar is strongly addictive and I have to work to avoid it. None is easier than one, when it comes to cookies and other baked goods...

Dairy is OK, but it bothers my sinuses and skin. I do miss my homemade yogurt.


Legumes: I'm not a big fan anyway, so they are not hard to avoid. I prefer chili without beans now.


Vegetable oils: not a problem. Coconut oil and ghee are easy to use.


So what kind of diet am I following?

    Food without labels most of the time. I stick to the W30 template whenever I am in control of what is available, with exceptions for special occasions.

    Eating out: I might splurge or I might try to stick to Paleo-ish foods. I won't grill the server about details, but I may ask for substitutions.

    At work is my biggest challenge, so I take my lunch, with mixed results. I'm working on it.


So, to answer my friend's question; I don't have a "Label" for my diet, just good, real food.

Can't beat that.


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Another weight watchers hater!! Glad Im not the only one. I was on weight watchers foreverrrrr, and with PCOS I literally stayed around the same numbers. I followed that diet perfectly. I told myself that no matter what I was going to stick to weight watchers because even if the weight came off slow, it would still come off. It did not work. I literally ate whatever I wanted, how can that be healthy? If I had points at the end of the day, even if I wasnt hungry, I would still have a snack...because I had points! I ate desert regularly, chips every day. All within my points though.....


I decided weight watchers wasnt working. I was exercising a few times a week and following weight watchers perfectly and had no results. If I lost weight one week, I would gain it back the next. If I continued to lose weight it would be tiny ounces at a time. I am quite overweight so for me to only lose an ounce or two is not normal.


I switched to whole 30 on June 1st. Im on day 23 and Ive never felt better. People are already commenting on the changes in my body, they can tell Ive lost weight. I never had that with weight watchers. I love whole 30 and I plan to make it a lifestyle like you have. 

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The Big Cookup


I've been on vacation since June 10, and I go back to work on Saturday. Today I got a lot done toward easy meals. I'm taking a short break before getting back in the kitchen--some things are waiting for me to finish portioning and storing.


Pressure Cooker: steam baked potatoes and sweet potatoes, kale with carrots and onions, bone broth, Mocha Rubbed Pot Roast, Kalua Pig with braised cabbage.
Oven: Brussels sprouts roasted with bacon and onion, spaghetti squash, breakfast casserole, "Paleo" brownies for DH.

Fruit and vegetables prepped: tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, 4 colors bell peppers, melon, strawberries.


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