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Day 23 of Whole30. I'm not going to go off plan, I'm not going to do anything crazy, but boy am I so ready for this to be over - so here's a little rant - because people not doing whole30 do not get it. "then why don't you just have it?" 0_o 


I've gone from eating pretty much constantly with a diet crammed full of sugar. Sugar has been my drug for years. I have the weight and the bad teeth to show for it.


So getting off sugar was a big deal for me. I've done it. For 23 days I've been compliant. Longest I've been without sugar probably in my adult life, and I'm 51 now. The first week was frankly hell - I was so crabby/snappish/angry I probably should have been in isolation for others protection. Week 3 saw me feeling good - finally feeling good. I had energy, I was in a good mood, I wasn't craving stuff.


Last couple of days....I'm just tired. I'm tired of vegetables. I'm tired of not eating what I want. I know this is the best thing I've ever done for my health.....but man I am so over it.




I have a solid reintroduction plan set up:  Because of gluten sensitivity, I know I need to not reintroduce gluten-containing foods. So that's off the list. Because legumes give me stomach pain, they aren't coming back either. I have estrogen dominance, and soy is therefore not my friend, so that's not coming back or if it does, it will be in very small, gluten-free additions. So all I'm really looking at adding back? Dairy, sugar, corn and rice. I'm going to do dairy first, then corn, then rice. Sugar? Well, I need to not "reintroduce" sugar. Since it's my drug of choice, best to just leave that alone. However, I'd like to be able to relax about added sugar in things and not be quite so stringent about it - but that remains to be seen.


So, I'm compliant. I have a plan for reintroduction. I'm not on the edge about to jump off, but I really needed to vent. Thanks for listening.

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Bravo for you for kicking sugar.  I have kicked it temporarily so many times and I reintroduced it back each time, and each time I was able to keep it at a lower level than the time before.  I'm on the same schedule as you, one week left. I was SO fortunate that I didn't have any sugar cravings during my whole30; I mostly craved the habit of dark chocolate after dinner.  I think it was all those other times I kicked sugar that added up and helped me.  I say this so that you can take hope that you can kick sugar too.  I am looking forward too to not worrying about the added sugar and having the very occasional treat.


What helped me kick sugar before is taking note of how shitty I felt (sluggish but speedy heart and nauseated) after eating sugar and then remembering that feeling.  In addition I promised myself that I would only eat sugar when it was a really good version of it, like a creme brulee at a place that was famous for it.  Do that a few times when the item isn't that good and it's your ONLY sweet treat for the week and you will remember that disappointment the next time.  


I got really good at creating sweets made with stevia and applesauce but also gluten-free (almond and coconut flour). I definitely garbaged them down BUT eating them trained my body to not crave sweets as much.  I just had to learn what Whole30 teaches you about eating to nourish and to feed yourself, not out of habit or craving.  


I'm glad to meet someone on the same schedule as me!  I'll raise my first glass of reintroduction wine to you in a week.

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Hi I know how you feel Day 23 here I'm restarting a third W30 July 5

I have the need to finish compliant

We have a saying I'd like to borrow It goes something like this

There is no finish line

This W30 is a learning tool for each individual to choose how and what they will enjoy in their future Dallas Hartwig says something like he doesn't need W 30 anymore He knows what he'd like to enjoy on occasion he can handle it and

Only did 2 W30s

So it should be for me a slo roll reinto

I'll never add legumes or beans No grains

If I ever add dairy it will only be heavy cream occasionally Sugar never my dragon I can handle it Same with chocolate

I'll have an occasional alcoholic drink

I really don't want this to ever end I'm in no hurry

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